December 31, 2010

What a year 2010

I can't believe what an awesome year 2010 was for me and my family.
My life has made a 360% turn.
And it looks like I will keep spinning, enjoying every minute.

Oh course it all started out with me training for the STP. A 204 mile bike ride from
Seattle to Portland.
And as you know I got several other family members and friends to do with me with.
This allowed me to get closer to part of my family.

I can't describe how I feel inside knowing that I created a huge goal for myself and  completed it.
And just keep setting goals and finishing them.

I can't believe this year I did several 100 mile ride's, then back to back 100's,  ran a 10K run,
 a couple of 5K's and a
1/2 Marathon on my 44th b-day.  
I did a lot of traveling,
 Richland WA several time's,
 Boise ID,
San Deigo CA,
 camping in Hood River OR,
and camping several other places in WA.
Our family went to Northwest Trek for Fathers Day.

Then all the volunteer work that we did.
Had a wonderful time doing each one of them.
The polar express will now be a yearly family tradition.

Looks like we are adding more ppl to the 2011 STP.
More family members.
I think I'm a bad influence. LOL

So glad that my family is all safe and healthy.
Lots of new babies added to the family and more on the way.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me in all of this.

Most of all my husband.
Denny, I could not have done all of this without you and you telling me
"yes you can do it"
 whenever I thought I couldn't.
And joining me in some of my rides and runs.
I can't wait to see what comes next for us.

Love you tons.

For me 2010 totally ROCKED...

December 29, 2010

Sad day in the Wiley household

Billie Wiley

Our dog Billie, 
we have had for almost 11 years.
We had to put her to sleep today.
 She was almost 14 years old.
She hurt all the time from her dry skin and
 is having a hard time walking and with her bowels.
 The only time she stops crying is if she is on steroids and she had
been on them for so long the vet wouldn't let her have them anymore.
 They gave her enough to get her thru Christmas.
 It is going to be a sad couple of days.
We will miss and always love you Billie...
Thanks for years of love..

RIP pretty girl..

December 17, 2010

Nutcracker 2010

What a fun night and a fun way we got to go.
Sami had said a week before that she would love to go see the Nutcracker again.
So on Wednesday I asked her is she had to work on Friday night.
She said no and asked me why.
I said I was trying to win tickets from the radio to the Nutcracker.
 Well Thursday morning I won 2 tickets.
 So I let Sami know.. It was date with my daughter.
Brooke has told me that she would like to go.
So Friday morning, I had Denny, Jason, my mom and
 Renee and I all trying to win the tickets.
Well guess what... It was my phone that won it LOL, but I couldn't win them twice so
Renee said her name.
Now we had 4 free tickets. It ended up being 7 of us girls that went.
Thanks Live 95
Sami, Kim, Courtney, Mom, Brooke, Me & Myriam
Here are some pictures of the local production.
They did a great job.
The best part for me was the little gingerbread's that came out of the lady's big dress.

Next year I think we are going to try and go to the production in Portland again.
This made for a wonderful family memory.
Thanks again Live 95

December 11, 2010

Bell ringing

The Salvation Army's red kettles.
Renee & I rang the bell at the Centralia Safeway 12-11-10 from 6-7pm
 for the Centralia rotary.

We had our crazy hats on and they gave us cute aprons to wear.

We had a fun time.
Got lots of donations.
It was nice to see the kettle was full for the day.

December 10, 2010

All aboard! Next stop - the North Pole!

Polar Express Steam Train Rides

All Aboard” says the conductor, as your train ride begins. Families are sure to enjoy their trip to the North Pole, complete with a reading of
The Polar Express and hot chocolate and cookies served on board the train.
Upon arrival at the North Pole, Santa will board the train and visit everyone and each child will receive the "First Gift of Christmas,"  just like in the story. 
Sing Christmas carols as you return to the depot.

Courtney, Brooke, Myriam, Sami,  Grandma Linda and I all got on our
Santa sweatshirts (they were my Grandma Jean's) and our Pj bottom's on and volunteered.

Oh my gosh... this was so much fun..

There were 2 rail car's that soon became full of people
in thier Pajama's and slippers.
And some in crazy hats.
One family all dressed in matching bathrobes.



 The girls are dressed up in chef coats to serve
 hot cocoa and cookies to all the passengers.

There was a reading of the Polar Express story book.

Then we sang on our way to the North Pole.
Everyone had a song sheet and everyone sang.

Soon came the North Pole and you know who...

If you look close there is Santa

He boarded the train and rode back to the station with us.
He gave each of the passenger's a bell.
We sang songs on the way back.
 In our car I got them all to do the wave. LOL
They loved it and did it a couple of times.
Santa sat with each of the kids so mom's and dad's could get pictures.

 Look it's a couple of  Rudolph's
And of course all the elf's got their pictures taken with Santa.
Sami was putting the chef's coats away so she and I got ours alone.

I can't believe how fun this was and totally got more into the Christmas spirit.
Love seeing all the families together and dressed up and enjoying the holiday season.
Watching the kids with Santa was the best.
 Seeing the belief in their eyes.

This is now going to be a new tradition in our family to volunteer each year.


December 4, 2010

Santa Parade

  Brooke, Myriam and I walked in the
61st Annual Santa Parade
"A Hometown Christmas"
Saturday December 4th at 11am
Downtown Chehalis
 We are walked with the Visiting Nurses for Women’s rights.

It was the 100th anniversary of a woman's right to vote.
We were all dressed up in early 1900’s clothes.

What a fun time... The girls already said they want to do it again. 

December 1, 2010

December 2010

I got into the volunteer mood for the Christmas season..
Had a great time doing each one and will hopefully do it again.

Festival of Trees @ The Great Wolf Lodge

If you have never been to this it is amazing.
Hours of work goes into these tree and decorations.
They are all beautiful.


Brooke &  Myriam helped out


 I love this time of year.