April 25, 2013

WOW 27 years and counting....

27 years and going strong!!!
What can I say but 
"I love you babe" 
I can't imagine my life without you. 
Thank you for always taking care of me,
 treating me like a princess and loving me everyday. 
I truly love the life we have created together. 
I wouldn't change anything. 
Love you so much and can't wait to see what the next 27 years brings us. 
Love you!!!

April 24, 2013

Running for Healthy Teeth

I'm excited... 
I have a sponsor!!! 
I went to Dr Pham AKA- Dr Teeth and worked out a deal 
with him and for sponsorship. 
I will be running and biking wearing their logo and helping out with their 
Facebook page and Blog. 
(Be sure and click on the link and "LIKE" the page.) PLEASE... lol 

I like to call it "I'm running for healthy teeth" 

3 Locations - Chehalis, WA -- Rochester, WA -- Rainier, OR

I need to give a BIG thanks to my aunt Pam for helping me. 
I sent her the logo and lots of shirts and jackets. 
She sent away for the pattern that would work on her sewing machine and 
then put her machine to work. 
It totally got a work out, I might need to buy her a new machine. LOL 
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I even wore one of the shirts on my marathon run.
Be sure and watch for me out on the road. 
I'm always out there running or biking,
 if you see me be sure and post on my 
wall what color shirt I was wearing and where you saw me. 

April 6, 2013

Corwin-Rey 5K

Our very first annual Corwin-Rey K5.
Missing the Longiew girls.
2 of the girls have need ran a K5 before.

Karina, Sicili, Renee, Teri & Yesenia

Off we go. 

It was really fun to watch the girl cross the finish line.
We ended the run with a BBQ and drinks at Renee's.
Great job girls...
Can't wait for next year when all us girls will be running.