August 30, 2012

So proud of my daughter...

Yes, I know I'm behind on my blogging, life has been crazy. 
I will get caught up soon but I have to get this one up. 

Aug. 30, 2012 
Our daughter Samantha Jean Wiley got pinned as a 
LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse.

For the last couple of years she has been putting herself through nursing school. 
She goes to school and also works at the same time. 
We pay for some of her bills and help her as much as we can,
but she is the one with the student loans. 
That is one huge regret that I have that we didn't start college funds for
 our kids when they were little, but we were young and
stupid when we had Chris and Sami. 

Anyway at this moment I couldn't be more proud of our daughter.

I got to go up on stage and pin her. 
What a proud moment. (I'm even crying typing this) 

It was a great ceremony.
But Denny, Chris, Tino and I are all loser's, 
NONE of us brought her flowers. 
And she let us know how we screwed up. LOL 
That won't happen again I'm sure. 
We did buy her lunch before the ceremony. LOL

We did stop and get her flowers on the way back to her apartment. 

She is already registered for her prerequisites for the RN program. 
I don't know where she got the ability to take care of people like this,
 she sure didn't get it from me. 
It takes a very special kind of person to become a nurse or a doctor. 
I'm so proud. 
I love you Samantha Jean Wiley- LPN. 
Proud to be your mother. 

August 11, 2012

Are you tougher than a 3 1/2 yr old?

First of all, I love getting people involved in outdoor sports but this is
by far the youngest person I have gotten to ride with and he did
WAY better then a lot of people I have ridden with.

My cousin Julie asked me last week to take her and her kids on a
bike ride on the Chehalis Western Trail. 
This was their first official trail ride for both of them.
Her son Bennett is only 3 1/2 and learned in the last couple of
weeks to ride a 2 wheeler.
We packed up all the bikes and the chariot into the back of the
 truck and took off to where we could get onto the trail. 

Anna- 6 months old. 

Julie got Anna a helmet, it is still a little big. 
But oh so cute on her. 

Off we went. 
Julie and I thought no way is Bennett going to make it that far. 
We thought he would ride less then a mile and want in the chariot with his sister. 
OMG.. NO way.. He rode a total of 7 1/2 miles on his bike. 

I was teaching him how to properly ride a bike of the trail. 
If he would pass someone he would say "on your left" 
I also made sure that he would stay on the right side of the trail so he didn't get in the 
way of riders or joggers coming from the other way. 
He did great for the most part, he did have a jogger pass him, he was going that slow. LOL 

We kept asking him if he was OK?
He would say "yes", he was doing great. 
I asked him if he wants to take a break and have a snack, he said sure. 
I told him we would find a bench in the shade and take a break. 
He said "what is shade?"
 I said see the road it is the dark part of the road. 
It was so cute, he kept saying "we need to find the bench in the dark" LOL 

I was showing him on the trail map where we started from and 
where we were at that time.

He finally said he wanted to ride in the chariot with Anna. 
He rode a total of 7.5 miles. 

Julie pulled the kids for awhile, then I stopped and had her try my bike and see 
how light it is compared to the mountain bike. 
So I pulled the kids for the last 4 miles. She is totally in love with my bike. 
Pulling those kids isn't easy, that was a big load. 
I really got a workout from it. I only had one problem pulling the chariot, 
as we got to the end of the trail we have to go down a pull then do a 180 
turn around a pole, and I didn't go far enough around the pole 
and I hit Bennett's bike on it. I thought the
 kids were rolled over in the chariot. 
Thank God they weren't, it was just the bike that hit it. 
We did a total of a little over 12 miles. 
Julie I have ridden with guys that can't go 12 miles their first time. 
Great job!!! 

After a awesome bike ride we went to get frozen yogurt. 
Well deserved. 

After the yogurt we went back to their house and as Julie and I were unloading stuff I saw Bennett walk to the front door but didn't see him after that, Julie and I were calling his name and he didn't answer. I looked outside and Julie looked inside for him, she found him on his bed, face-down with his legs hanging off the bed. She said "Bennett are you OK?" he said "ya mom I'm just tired" 

Julie text me several hours later and said he slept 3 hours and then got up and 
wanted to go back to the trail and show dad. 
Too flipping cute. 
Julie, thank you so much for asking me to show you guys the trail. 
I can't believe how good Bennett did. 
You also did a great job, and Anna was so good just hanging out. 
I have a feeling that in a couple of years Bennett will be doing the STP with me. 
I can't wait for our next ride together.