August 17, 2011

My neice Reagan's first triathlon...

Reagan Nicole Wiley
age 9
she did her first triathlon on Aug 13, 2011
50 yard swim, 2 mile bike ride and 500 yard run
Below are the words of her parents.

 She competed with the 6-8 group because of being a little scared
of the swim with the 9-12 group being 3x as long.
She was the 4th best female time in that group.
We are very proud of her finishing.
She said the run was the toughest part.
The swim ended up being in water that was lower than her waist and
she was more pulling through the sand with her hands and kicking.
I think she would have been fine in the longer swim.
She'll do great next year after trying it out this year.
Jenna is now pumped to do it next year as well. :):)
Female Participants
1. Rudy Benton    20:36
2. Caia Niemeyer    20:43
3. Zoe Schimpf    20:49
4. Reagan Wiley    20:49
5. Helene Worthington    20:59

Cheering on the older kids.
Time to get wet and loosen up.
2 miles away from the course.
She worked so hard. I am very proud.
My words...
What a great family..
Love them so much and miss them tons..
Mike, Susan, Reagan & Jenna

August 15, 2011

Tincher Wine/Family Reunion 2011

Denny and I left early Wednesday morning..
Bound for who knows where,
just over the mountains towards Richland.
We stopped in Morton at Subway and got sandwiches then looked for a nice
place to pull over and eat. We saw a sign for Cowlitz Falls park just ahead. Yup we
thought we would check it out. Wow. a  beautiful rv park. We ate lunch and got the
bikes off the truck and rode around the park.
We will have to try and come stay here.
Then back on the road we went.
We got right outside of White Pass and there was road construction.
Traffic came to a stop, we had to wait from 11:43 to 12:20.
Stopped and checked out the view point and waterfall
then got stopped again from12:54 to 1:05
Denny stopped for me to get out and put my feet in the water.
Yes it was really cold.
We stopped at the visitors center in Yakima, the ladies there were very helpful
and they also have wine tasting.
The lady set two glasses on the counter and I looked at mine and told her
"mine has a dent in it"
come to find out they all do LOL

We stayed the first night at the Yakima nation rv park with a casino across the
street .. We rode our bikes over there. Got inside and found out it is a dry
casino and come to find out so was our camp ground. Omg we are in wine country
and I guess we stopped in the dry part of town.
So we played a little (gambling is more fun while drinking)
 then we ate got our free playing cards and
rode back to the trailer and drank and played cards.
We felt like little kids hiding from mom and dad.

The next morning we packed up camp and drove the rest of the way to Richland.
We stayed at the MoonRiver RV park right down the street from my aunt and uncles.
My aunt Pam and uncle Paul have a beautiful home.
I got pictures before everyone got there.
Thursday afternoon Julie, Meghan, Lily, Choe & Bennett all got there.
Not long after that Sami and Tino got there.
Craig, Ryan, Emily and Paige also come over.
Grandma Pam got out and really played with the kids.
We all heard the ice cream man, so
uncle Craig and I went out front and got the kids goodies.
The next morning we came over and Bennett and Lily are having a
tea party in the back yard.
Then Pam, Paul, Craig, Denny and I went on a bike ride.
Mom and Bruce got there right before we left on our ride. 
Paul took us by his old work, which is Hanford.
Ya you can't go any farther.
It was already getting very hot outside, we were riding along a
bike path and Pam pointed out where she took
free water swim lessons before our tri.
I said to her, lets stop and get into the water.
Craig thought were we crazy at first but guess what, yes he is the splash in the middle.
Then we got back and just sat around playing cards on the deck.
I was getting really hot so Paul rigged up a hose and a fan to mist us with.
Worked great but we did have to turn it off after awhile because the cards were getting wet.
 Sami, Tino, Denny and I went out for lunch
 @ Jackson's Sports Bar & Restaurant.
Sami fixed my iPhone to be able to check in on Facebook.
So of course I did it everywhere we went. LOL
Emily had told us the night before that she teaches a step aerobics class on Friday. 
Sami, Tino and I decided to take her class. 
She kicks ass.
 Sami and I are so uncoordinated it isn't funny.
Here are a couple video's to prove it.

When we got back to Pam & Paul's
Jason, Kim, Brooke, Courtney & Jake were all there.
Danny & Sue weren't far behind them.
Then Jim, Ruth & Joel were the last ones to arrive.
Us girls cooled off in the sprinkler.
Then the tequila got brought out.
Tino's turn in the tunnel.
Meghan and Sami were having fun making everyone's beer's overflow.
Meghan even  broke the top of her bottle off at one point.
The kids had the whole living room as play time central and slumber party place.

Tino teaching Lily how to play poker on the ipad.

The next morning we put together a running group.
Tino, Sami, Kim, Brooke, Me & Pam
We got a couple of miles in.
Pam out running all of us.
Us girls took a short cut and beat Tino home.
Then while everyone got ready to go on the wine tasting tours.
We either ate breakfast or played cards or just sat around and talked.
Most of us went wine tasting.
Paul, Jim and Brooke & Courtney stayed at the house to watch the babies.
Brooke was there to watch Jim.
Mom and Bruce went golfing.

We had broken up into 2 groups so that there wasn't too many people at a winery at once.
Other then the last one.

Then on the way out, Pam said
"it is taking everything I have not to roll down that hill."
I said "let's do it"
We were glad that Paul wasn't with us.
People at the winery clapped for us.
Denny & I, Kim, Jason, Sami & Tino went to the Black Heron Distillery.
Then we got back to the house to sleeping babies.
They are all so cute.
So we thought we would take Courtney, Brooke & Jake to the river.
(It was Sami's idea)

with a row of hecklers.
At the same time Craig, Meghan, Julie & Emily were all making us an awesome dinner.
The croquet finals were in the dark.
With light provided by Ryan's IPhone.
It came down to Denny & Danny
First place goes to Danny.
Everyone was out of there the next morning before 10am.
What a great weekend.
Thank you Pam and Paul for all you did.
Everyone had a wonderful time and all the kids were on thier best behavior.
Hopefully the rest of the family will be able to come next year.
We missed you
Katie, Marty, Reece & Cash
Eric, Samantha, Violet & Rosie
Jeanie, Kip, Evie & baby ?
Wes (who is serving our country)and Chris.
I can't believe how big this family is getting.

We took Chinook Pass on the way home.
After I got stung by a bee.
There is still snow on the ground there.
What a beautiful drive home.

Thanks again to my family for being so awesome.
Love you all so much.