December 21, 2013

Love Halloween.... It's my 47th Birthday ....

October 31, 2013
Talk about feeling spoiled. 
All the girls in the office, Denny & Pete all helped me celebrate. 
The girls are always really good about getting dressed up, 
they all know how much I love this day. 
Not just because it's my birthday but the dressing up part. 
It was a monkey theme. 
Sami even sent me a stuffed monkey to the office. 

I always make sure I work in both office on this day. 
Each office had a little party for me. 
LOVE them!!! 

Renee was out of town that day, so we made these for her. LOL 
She was MIA 

I also the next morning had some special trick or treaters at the office... 
My cousin Julie and her kids 
Bennett, Annie & Mabry.
This was their costumes the night before. 

I had a wonderful birthday. 
Thanks to everyone that sent cards and helped me celebrate.
Love you all... 

December 20, 2013

Proud Mom & Dad....

I think that Chris was born to work at Les Schwab Tires. 
This kid (ok not a kid - he's 27) ROCKS at his job. 
He puts so much pride into his work and it pays off. 
Here is an email that some of the corporate people at
Les Schwab got and then shared with Chris. 

So proud of you Chris. 
Love mom and dad.