July 30, 2013

Championship 2013 in Chicago...

July 21 - 28
WARNING... This post has LOTS of pictures. 

This year Championship was in Chicago... 
The Windy City. 

Sunday morning Denny dropped Renee and I off at the airport. 
Our flight was at 8:15am. 
We got all checked in and went to the gate, and come to find out our flight 
was delayed about 1 hr.
So we went to the bar to have a drink and wait.  
Then it went to being delayed 2 hrs, them 4 hrs and then it got
OMG.. We ended up sitting in the airport for 8.5 hrs. 
Talk about a LONG day!
We did get lots of work done in the bar... LOL

Renee and I got there early because the Social Heroes were putting 
on a class before Championship started.
Social Heroes 

Front row
Renee Corwin-Rey
Angela Johnson
Nadeem Damani
back row
Joel McKinnon
Mike Schmisek
Keith Wainauski
James Peregrino

 Championship started on July 24, which was Denny's birthday. 
It was a bummer for him to have to catch a plane to fly to Chicago. NOT! 
I was excited that  I got to spend his birthday with him. 

Happy Birthday Babe...

I got to meet Paige from Extreme Home Makeovers. 
She is so cute and tiny. 

Renee, Sasha, Me & Stephanie 

Renee got to be one of the guest speakers at the general session. 
It is so awesome to see how far she and our agency have come in the 
short 10 years since she started. 


I can't believe how beautiful is it.
The biggest thing that we noticed was how clean it was EVERYWHERE.

Denny and I took a Chicago boat architecture tour.

This is from the website.... 
Experience one of the world’s most beautiful cities on a 1-hour cruise on the 
historic Chicago River. On this architecture cruise, head down the main branch 
of the Chicago River, up the north branch to the East Bank Club, and then south past 
Willis Tower (Sears Tower) to the old Post Office Building. Take in magnificent city 
skyline views as you see more than 40 notable buildings, including the 
John Hancock Center and the Wrigley Building, and learn about their distinctive architecture from your onboard guide, an expert in architecture.


  • Architecture cruise down the historic Chicago River
  • Discover all three branches of the Chicago River with your guide, an expert in architecture
  • Enjoy the best vantage point to admire the distinct city skyline and admire world-famous architecture
  • See more than 40 buildings including the John Hancock Center, the 
  • Wrigley Building and the Aon Center
  • Discover the major events that helped shape the architectural history of Chicago

Farmers revealed the new logo at Championship.
Love it!! 

We got enough hats for everyone in the office. 

Here are all of the logo's Farmer's has had over the years. 

It is a beautiful city to walk around and see all the
 beautiful art and buildings. 
And pulling the kids around. LOL

The "Bean"

One of the night we were there we all got to go to the

Museum of Science and Industry

This train was empty so Denny and I snuck on.
These pictures are creepy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Once again another AWESOME business trip. 
It was a long trip and I was ready to be home.