January 30, 2011

Bike Butt has begun...

Today was the first day that Brooke and Courtney
 had to do 30 mins on the bike trainer.
Ya I'm thinking they will be wearing their bike shorts next time.
I did 30 mins on the elliptical when they were on the bikes.
Before that we did 30 mins of kettle bell.
It about killed them LOL
I had a 15lb bell and they each had a 5 lb weight.

They did a great job...

January 23, 2011

First ride of 2011

Yes it was cold and wet.

Courtney, Brooke, Jake & I did the
Tenino trail today.

Gotta have one stupid one of me riding LOL
We didn't ride the 20 miles that we wanted.
By the time we got done all of our behinds were all wet and dirty.

We are waiting for no rain for our next ride.
Some sunshine would be nice too but I will just settle for being dry.

Brooke's being silly
Courtney with her pants down.
She was trying to put her bike away with her pants around her ankles.
Silly girl..
We got a total of 12.66 miles in.
All in all it was a fun ride and felt really good to be back on my bike.

January 8, 2011

Calendar for 2011 so far...

Calendar for 2011 so far.

Feb 11-- Iron Chef (Honey)

Feb. 19 – 21 --  Las Vegas (Corwin-Rey Agency)
 April 29 - May 1 -Astoria Crab Festival

Date unknown @ this time--Lewis County Historical Ride 100 miles
May 7- Team Bennett, March of Dimes Walk

May 15 --  ½ Marathon (Olympia, Wa)
May 21 --  Reach the Beach (100 mile bike ride)
Portland to the Beach

May 22-26 -- Championship for Farmers in San Fransisco
July 9-10 – Seattle to Portland Bike ride (204 miles)

July 23 -- Ride the Gorge (Hood River, Or)

July 31 -- Tri-athon  (Fairview, Or)

Aug 1 - 14th
Denny & Mine Road Trip for our 25th Anniversary to Yellowstone National Park

August -- 12-14 3rd Annual Tincher Family Wine Weekend (Richland, Wa)

October 18 – Dirty Dash 1/2 marathon (Boise, ID)

November 24 – Corwin Turkey Trot (Centralia, Wa) 
Dec 3 - Santa Parade

Dec 16 -- Polar Express

I'm sure I will be adding serveral more to this list....