March 31, 2013

Sami & Tino Engaged

This mom has been waiting a long time for this. 
I'm SO excited!!!
Now time to start planning a wedding,. 
Love you both!!

March 19, 2013

What an amazing aunt I have...

My aunt Pam, whom I do lots of my events with and the one that is making me do a full marathon J/K,.
Wrote this to women's running magazine.... 

Pam-  For some obscure reason, I was inspired to send them an email.  

I love your magazine!  It's the only one I subscribe to and I look forward to its arrival each month.  One of my favorite sections is Life Changers.  I'm so in awe of these women!  

After reading this month's selections, I was inspired to write down my own story.  Thought you might enjoy it.

I sat stunned in a strange doctor's office more than a hundred miles from home, listening to her tell me this was a life-changing day.  The peripheral neuropathy that kept me up night after night with nerve pain in my feet was caused by a blood glucose issue.  Permanent nerve damage happens when levels reach 140.  Mine was 176!  I was in shock.  She said new studies were encouraging that losing weight, adhering to a sugar free diet, and exercise could begin to repair the nerves; but, it required consistency and dedication.  I listened intently to all she had to say, then drove to the nearest mall for two scoops of chocolate ice cream and an afternoon pouring over books at Barnes and Noble  This health issue was impacting my ability to work as an elementary school teacher and I was desperate to find answers.

At the same time this was happening to me, my niece Teri was reaching the age her dad had died of a heart attack.  She was determined to stop smoking and become a healthier person.  

Teri was 43 and I was 61.  Neither one of us had ever done anything remotely close to an athletic event.  We were about to enter a world of the unknown.

On doctor's orders, I started the South Beach Diet and lost thirty pounds.  My blood sugar numbers began to level off.  Teri threw away her cigarettes; and, though she didn't even own a bike, set a goal of riding the famous 200 mile Seattle to Portland bicycle ride the next year.  We joined forces and became each other's cheerleader even though we live two hundred miles apart.  We put together a support team, had matching shirts made, and cried when we crossed that finish line.

In order to work out in all sorts of weather and continue our exercise routine, we took up running.  We started with 5ks, then 10ks and finally signed up for a half marathon!  Last year we each completed five!  We have even done two triathlons.  Are we fast?  No!  Are we out there? Yes!  

In November we began a six month training schedule through Chi Running for our first full marathon on April 20, 2013 in Wenatchee, Washington. We have been encouraging each other every week and sometimes travel clear across the state just so we can share a training run.  Our hot pink shirts, visors, and hair ribbons are ready, and so are we!  At 64, I well may be the oldest female runner and the last across the finish line, but cross it I will!

The impact of all this?  We've learned it's never too late to start. The joy is being out there, no matter your age.  We have both maintained a healthy life style. Neither of us belongs to a gym, but our amazing husbands have built in-home exercise rooms for us.  We formed The Jean Team, named after my mom, because so many of our family members have joined us as athletes...yes, we now consider ourselves athletes.  We have daughters, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, sons, sons-in-law, and cousins who now proudly wear the team logo and compete in events. For me, one of the greatest benefits?  My blood sugar levels are completely normal and tests  prove my damaged nerves are regenerating!

Pam Scott 

Love you tons Pam... 
Thanks for taking this journey with me.. 

March 17, 2013

Lots of company...

 Today I did my longest run ever... 
22 flipping miles. 
I started at my house and ran to Jessie's house,
 then Karina's house, back to Jessie's, then back to mine. 

My sister Kim meet me on the first part of my run and she 
did a total of about 6 miles. 
She did a great job. 
She just started running.
Good job Kim, proud of you.. 
Next time don't forget a ponytail holder.

The weather was great the first part of my run. 
I got to Jessie's and filled up with water and took off to Karina's. 
Karina's was my half way point. After I turned around the clouds 
came in and the rain started. 
Wow,did I get wet. 
After I got back to Jessie's the sun came out and I got all dry again. 

I love that Denny and I have the "find my Iphone" app so he can 
tell where I'm at all the time. 
I love looking up and seeing his truck there checking on me and he 
always has water and extra stuff for me. 
Thanks babe. 

After I left Jessie the second time her and Karina drove to run with me. 
They parked one of their cars in Chehalis and one in Centralia and started 
running with me on Airport Rd.
Karina did about 3 miles and Jessie about 3.5. 

We were about 3 miles from my house and the rain started again. 
The wind and rain were horrible. 
Jessie was going backwards for while, because of the wind. LOL 
She's like "Teri we need to find shelter" 
OMG what a weenie.. 

After my run Jessie and Karina came over for beer and going in the hot tub. 
I felt great after the 22 miles. 
 I love my new running pants, they really helped my legs. 
Also got my new shoes all broken in now.
If 22 miles doesn't do it I don't know what would.  
Love these pants..
I know I will have no problem with the full marathon.
Bring on 26.2 miles. 

March 10, 2013

First pick up ever ..

This run SUCKED!!!
It was pouring down rain outside when I wanted to start my 17 mile run,
so I started on my treadmill. 

I got 7 miles in on it and it just didn't feel right.
I felt like I didn't have control of my feet.
I was wearing my new running shoes and my new compression pants.
So I wasn't really sure what was not feeling right.

I looked outside and the rain had stopped so
I got ready to run the last 10 miles outside. 

I put my old running shoes on and got out on the road. 
I still wasn't feeling right. 
My feet were really hurting, but my legs were feeling way better. 
I got about 4 miles into the 10 miles and kept thinking I should call Denny to come and get me. 
It was like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. 
Yes call him, No don't call him...
I did that on and on for another 4 miles and gave up and called him. 
This is the first time ever that I had to have him come and get me. 
I just kept thinking I can't hurt myself. 
It pissed me off but it was for the best. 

I can't always have a good run. 
I just have to remember how many great runs I have had. 

March 4, 2013

Welcoming the newest Wiley Girl...

My beautiful sister-in-law gave birth to their 3rd daughter

Harper Gwen Wiley
she arrived at 4:43 pm on March 4,2013. 
She was 20 inches long and weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces.

 Grandpa & Grandma Anderson

Congrats Mike

First picture of the Wiley sisters... 
Reagan, Jenna & Harper

Aunt Phyllis 
Aunt Linda
The Hankins's Family 

She is beautiful.
I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet her. 
Love you all. 

March 3, 2013

20 miler - Jean Team logo

I wanted to share the new
New Jean Team Logo!
Pam has gotten sweatshirts with our names on them for each person in the
family that has done at least 2 or more events with other family members.
Here's mine.
She also made ones for Denny and Paul. 
Paul didn't want one with the Jean's logo so he picked out one for he and Denny. 
He is the one that called them "Grunts" rather then our "pit crew" LOL 
Love it... 


Holy Crap I ran 20 miles. 
I ran from my house to Yesenia's house to get her so she
could run a couple of miles with me. 
We ran to and through Borst Park.
Yesenia did great, she did 4.25 miles with me.
That is her longest run this year.
Great job!!!
Thanks for going with me.

What a beautiful day for a run.  
My first 14 miles were average 12:56...

I should have only ran 19 miles today, but Friday 
Pam ran her's and did 20 miles. 
Ya that's right I couldn't let her be the only one to 
be able to say "I just ran 20 miles" 
Love you Pam. 
I ate really well this last week and this morning and used
 the Honey Sting gel. 
I felt GREAT... 
I had yogurt with granola, 1 piece of whole wheat toast with 
cinnamon &sugar LOL and a spoonfull of peanut butter. 
Then I did the honey gel every hour. Seemed to work today...
I got a new pair of shoes and finally got some long miles in on them.
They say that you should only run about 400 mile in one pair of shoes.
Well I got way more then 400 on my old ones.
(New shoes)

I think I went a little to far. When I got to about mile 14 my feet started to hurt.
At mile 16 I had to have Chris bring me my old shoes.
I think it slowed me down. My feet were hurting.

They felt better with my old shoes.
I will just have to keep wearing in the new ones.

(Old shoes)

Not sure how I have done this but I have yet to get any blisters or lose any toe nails. 
This is the way to finish a long run. 
In the hot tub. 

I can't believe that I can say 
"I ran 20 miles"
WOW Never in a million year's did I ever think I would be saying that. 
Average overall 13:32....
 Kinda proud of myself...