December 25, 2011

Whirl Wind Week...

Crazy week of Christmas.
Started out with our office caroling in Longview Tuesday night
and Centralia Wednesday night.
Everyone loved our singing and some even sang along with us.

The next night was our office Christmas party.
I got surprised by getting
"Manager of the Year 2011"
The funniest thing is that I'm the only manager.
But what an honor for all the girls to do that for me.
And I get my parking spot back from Yesenia.
I even got a brand new crown.
Heidi got "Employee of the Year 2011"
All of us girls thought we were on the episode of
"Oprah's favorite things".
At the restaurant when we had a drink and recieved our awards,
Renee gave each of us a "Coach" clutch purse
with a little somethin somethin in it. LOL
I do have to say I don't get the whole Coach purse thing.
I can't see spending that much money on a purse.
Of course when someone buys it for me that is a different story.

Then off to Renee and Michel's for raclette dinner.
A Swiss dish consisting of slices of
melted cheese served on boiled potatoes and anything pickled.
It is one of my favorite dinners that Renee and Michel make.
After dinner we got more gifts.
She got us each matching scarf's.
Then we did our gift game exchange.
I ended up with the coolest apron.
Really not sure about this photo other then we are each really happy...
Then Renee had each one of us put our clutch purse in front of us and close our eyes.
Then she put something in front of each of us.
Guess what it was.....
YES a for real big girl Coach purse that matches our clutches.
And there was another somethin somethin in the purse.
OMG, I thought Karina was going to wet herself about the purse.
She just kept saying
"do you know how much these cost"
Of course this was a room full of happy girls and everyone hugging Renee (aka-Oprah)
OK I may not get what the big deal about these purses are
but I really love mine now that I have it.
Yes I will flaunt it.

Yesenia wasn't letting go of hers.
And Karina was just overwhelmed.
What can we say about Renee but she is the best ever.
We are so honored to work for her and we know she loves each of us.
We can't wait to see what 2012 will bring us.

Christmas Eve day Sami and Tino got here right after she got off work at 6:30am.
Yea, right off Denny and I started cooking.
Biscuits and gravy for breakfast.
Denny making pizza crust for his aunt Phyllis's pizza.
(those aren't horns on my head they are glasses")
Sami and Tino took a nap until about noon when some people showed up.
Don't they look cute. LOL
Sami had to work Christmas day so they were only down here for the day.
 As they got here, everyone got to open their pj's and put them on.
We just all sat around and played games and ate and drank all day.
Love days like this.
Sami messed up my hair.
Jake didn't know how to put the ear phones on. LOL
We exchanged gifts with Sami and Tino before they left.
Look I can still do a back bend. LOL
The guys played poker and us girls laid on the couch and
watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Christmas morning.
I started a fire.
Jake got coal in his stocking.
We all had to watch Jake's new car's movie.
Those really are cute movies.
Sami got Denny and I Santa and Mrs. Claus wine holders.
And she got me the cutest penguin.

Over all we had a wonderful Christmas, just wish Sami and Tino could have
been here Christmas day and wishing more that my mom felt better.
Thanks everyone for everything...
Another great Christmas season in the memory books.
Time to put the holiday decorations away and bring on the new year.
Love you all.