September 27, 2010

Next Goal...

                 For my 44th birthday I will be running a 1/2 Marathon in Richland Wa.
DATE: Sunday, October 31, 2010
30th Annual Tri-Cities Marathon and Marathon Relay
I will be running with Denny, my aunt Pam and cousin Emily

So today I went running around the lake in Longview.
Beautiful place to bike and run.
I got 3 mile this morning on the treadmill and then 6 miles around the lake. The lake isn't that big but I ran from our office and it makes it longer when you get lost.
I suck at directions.


September 18, 2010

Cooks Hill Challange 2010

We did it !!!!
 Completed the Cooks Hill Challange 10 mile run.

 Brooke & I

 Renee, Brooke & I
All in our matching shirts.

 And they're off....

There was only about 15 of us running this.
And of course started in last place and finished in last place.
Brooke and I didn't care as long as we finished.

This is right before the 2nd BIGGGG hill. We couldn't believe how many  GROSS dead slugs we saw.

Renee finishing way ahead of us.

Here comes Brooke and I bringing up the rear.

Brooke crossing the finish line.

 Me crossing the finish line.

We are still alive.
And Brooke and I beat our time from the first time we ran it by 3 mins.
Ya for us LOL

September 12, 2010

Courtney conquers 20 miles.

Courtney and I did the Tenino Trail today
Sept 12,2010
She did really great. It is kinda scary riding the trail since the
Tenino lady was murdered while riding alone.
Not many people out today.
There was a couple of guys that were riding, one on a Recumbent Bike (the kind you ride laying down)
They were behind us and every time they got close Courtney wanted in front of me.
 I don't blame her I was a little nervous also. The birds and squirrels were making me a little jumpy.

We rode to the junction and then went about 4 miles up towards Lacey.
Then come to find out her back tire was low, so she worked even harder then normal.

After the ride we got in the car and I asked her if she had bike brain? She said what is that?
I told her it is like feeling drunk without being drunk...
She said "YES" and started laughing.
I hope she doesn't know what being drunk feels like yet...

Had a great time today Courtney. Thanks for going with me. Love ya Aunt T

September 8, 2010

Beach Running

             Enjoyed running on wash-away beach over the Labor Day weekend...
                                                        Sept 2010

I can't believe how many birds there were.

Bennett & I

Me, Bennett & Ruth
Bennett trying to get me out of the trailer
He just loved the beach

Cooks Hill Challenge Practice Run

Practice Run -- Aug 29, 2010
                    Brooke and I running and Denny rode his bike along with us.