November 23, 2013

Make Over Day...

 As you can see in my teenage years I over plucked my eye brows. 
In the 80's thin was in. 
Well now it's not. 
I plucked so much that they never grew back.
(I'm either brave or crazy for posting pictures of me with no make-up on...) 
(No make-up)

(My normal make-up)

I have always loved the way Karina's eye brows look.
She has 5 daughters and does their eyebrows and make-up all the time.

I asked her to help me out with giving me eyebrows, 
it turned into a total make over. 
Karina and Jessie are the ones that got me to change my hair so
 I knew she would do an awesome job on my make-up. 

I was so excited for this day. 
Karina and I went shopping Friday night to get everything I would
need for my new way of doing my make-up. 
A lot of the stuff on the tables we didn't use. 

Here we go, I'm right out of the shower. 

Ya I know the hair looks great... LOL 


I LOVE it!!!! 
Hopefully I can do this myself every day.  

Thank you so much Karina. 
I love me new look and love you!!!! 

November 17, 2013

Best Career Move EVER!

So it was luck of the draw. 
For years I was a stay at home mom, then decided to go back to 
work as a waitress at Kit Carson in Chehalis which I did for about 4 years. 
I had my own cleaning business for 5 years. 
I was ready for a change. 
I started sending out my resume to a couple of places. 
I saw a ad in the paper for a receptionist that just said something like office 
worker needed and what they we looking for. 
The address was to a "Blind Box" so I didn't know where or who I was sending it to. 
I thought, I will never hear anything from whoever it was that I sent it to.
I remember that the resume I sent even had a typo (ya surprise with me LOL)

I did hear from a daycare that wanted me to come and interview and I also heard 
from this lady named Renee that said her dad was a Farmers insurance agent. 
She said she got my resume and wanted me to come in and interview. 
I was super excited and really nervous, this was way out of my comfort zone. 

So I went to the interview and Renee and I hit it off. I felt great about how it went. 
Afterwards she said she would call me within the next couple of days 
and let me know if I had the job or not. 

If I remember right she called me the next day and asked me to 
come to work for her dad. 
SWEET!!! I was so excited.

So NO, I didn't go on the daycare interview.

This was really my first job that I had to work 9 to 5. What a change that was. 
Renee said I would be a on 2 week trial. 
She also said at the end of the 2 weeks they would know if I was going to work
 out and I would know if I would like it. 

Well, the first couple of days were HARD, the computer system was something
 I have never seen before and I was terrified to answer the phone. 
I had NO idea what I was talking about. 
I would go home every night and drink and cry. I HATED it. 

After the first week I went to Renee and told her I didn't think this was going to work. 
We talked and she said, "give it 2 more weeks and see how you feel after that, 
because I see something in you"

I said OK. 
And to this day I still tell everyone that I'm still on my 2 week trail period. LOL
November 17, 1999 was my first day. 

This was the BEST job move I had ever made. 
Little did I know that this "Job" would turn into a "Career" that I totally LOVE. 

I loved working for Pete and now for Renee, they have made me feel 
like a part of the big Corwin family. 
My picture is even on Pete & Janet's frig. (FYI- Renee's not) LOL. 

They have taught me so much.
People usually think that because of the way I act crazy most of the time, 
that I would feel comfortable speaking in front of people and teaching. 
Well I'm NOT!!! 
Still to this day I get nervous talking in front of a group and being
 the center of attention, but I do it when I have to. 
It helps that I know what I'm talking about and I feel like I'm good at my job.

Who would have thought that I would be an Office Manger at an insurance company.
Thank you Renee & Pete

2013 Corwin-Rey Team

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