February 27, 2012

Richland 1/2 Marathon

Once again I had a wonderful weekend in Richland 
and doing the Richland 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. 
My cousin Meghan and I took her 2 girls (Lily & Chloe) 
and drove over on Friday afternoon.
It was a great relaxing weekend with some of my family. 
Pam, Paul, Craig, Ryan, Emily & Paige. 

Sunday morning the weather was very cold and windy.
We got all dressed up in our outfits. 
We got to the race about 30 minutes before the start and went to
 find the start line. 
It happened to be right by where we got to park, it was so cold and windy that
 we went and got back in the car until about 5 minutes before. 
We all decided that it was too windy to wear the headbands and tutu's. 
So we didn't run with them on.

OK.... Off and running. 
Only 382 did the Half Marathon in Richland.
One of mine and Pam's goals is to finish a 1/2 marathon in under 3 hours.
Meghan and I weren't really ready for it but off we started running/walking. 
Pam is the blurry one in front.

Meghan had a sore thigh and at about mile 6 it really started hurting her. 
So at the point we just walked the rest of the way.

This is Pam passing us after the turn around. 
Look at her hair, that shows how windy it was.

About mile 7 Paul found us, he had
Lily and Chloe in the cougar behind his bike. 
They were checking on all of us. 

Pam was by this time had a pretty good lead in front of us. 
We knew that she would just run like Forrest. 
"run Forrest run" 
Lily cheering grandma on. 

By the 9th mile,
 Meghan wasn't sure if she was going to make it to the finish line. 
I kept telling her, you have made it this far, you can't give up now. 
So we kept walking. 

Meghan was walking with a limp by now. 
I tried to keep her talking about different things,
 like what we were going to have for dinner. 
I was trying to keep her mind off of how much longer we had and how miserable it was, 
but also making sure I wasn't being the 
cheer-leading, Tinker-bell that Pam did to me the last half.  

Mile 10 she wanted to call her dad to come and get her. 
She said "but I don't want you to finish alone" 
I said "that's ok" and kept walking. 
Then she said "ok I can make it" 
I yelled "YES" 
I was excited that she was going to make it to the finish line, 
no matter how long it took us. 
The police had the roads blocked of and blocked the intersections 
when the runners/walkers were going through. 
By this time Pam had already finished. 

She did it.... 
She came in at 2:52:23

My aunt rocks!!!! 
Who would have ever thought that at age 63 she would be 
running 1/2 marathon's and doing triathlons,
 and doing them as fast as she does. 
She kick's my ass at the time thing. 
So proud of her.
And  of course she came in 3rd in her age group. 
She seems to always come away with something extra. 

Bummer for her, she then has to sit there and wait for Meghan and I to finish. 
She had lots of company. 
Thank's to all of you for being there. 

Meghan and I were still plugging along. 
She was in a lot of pain but not giving up. 
We were freezing and our hands were swelling up. 
Look at this.
They look like sausage fingers. 
HURT like hell... 

The police kept asking Meghan if she was OK and if she needed a ride. 
She would say "no I'm fine, but thanks" 
I know how she felt, so proud of her for not giving up. 
Cant you see the love in her face for me. LOL 

Paul and Ryan checking on us and making sure we were going to make it. 
Lily running to support her mommy. 
This is just what Meghan needed. 

Off to the finish line. 

Poor Meghan was to the point that she was walking like both her legs were
 "peg legs" 

It's the finish line. 
And NO we didn't finish last, there was 3 other people behind us, 
although only 1 out of the 3 finished. 
I didn't care how long it took us, I just wanted her to finish. 
And she did!!!

Another half marathon in the books. 
It was a wonderful weekend. 
I'm again so proud of Meghan for finishing her first half and Pam for finishing under 3 hours. 
Meghan already said she wants to run her next one. 
My next half is going to be my under 3 hours !!!
Next, the Wenatchee 1/2 marathon April 21, 2012. 

February 21, 2012

The Bunting

The Bunting 
In 1966 Maude and Basil Tincher were awaiting the arrival of their
 first great grandchild. 
They purchased a soft, snuggly bunting and their 
granddaughter Linda's first child, 
Teri Jean, was welcomed home in it. 
Every great grandchild was lovingly wrapped in the bunting as they
 left the hospital; and now the tradition carries on with
 great great grandchildren and generations of children to come. 

As each set of parents brings home a new bundle of life, think
 back on those links to our past and know that you have 
snuggled in your arms a bridge to our future. 

My son 
Christopher James
My daughter 
Samantha Jean
The Bunting Book

These words below are my cousin Julie's, from her blog. 
Since 1966, starting with my cousin Teri, this bunting has brought every single baby on my dad's side of the family home, including me, my sisters, cousins, my cousins kids and Bennett.
So here is our little girl in her "bunting pictures" I think she looks pretty beautiful... and I am sure someday her daughters will look beautiful in it too.

Here is "Aunt T" (my cousin Teri, the first in the bunting). She came with her daughter Sami today to meet out little girl and brought us dinner! Yum! Having dinner ready so early definitely made me feel like my first day home as a mama to two was a complete success :) Thank you guys!

Julie has a awesome blog about her journey on becoming a mom.

February 19, 2012

Chocolate Over-load...

It was Iron Chef night again.
It was at Renee and Michel's and they picked
as the main ingredient.
(sorry about some of the pictures,
I got a new camera and I'm still trying to figuare it out.)

Each couple brings a course and a cocktail,
everything has to include chocolate in some way.

Toni & Steve had appetizers.
Denny & I had soup & salad.
I had found on pinterest  really cool chocolate bowls.
It was fun making them.

We also made chocolate soup.
In the chocolate bowls,
we did a fruit salad with whipping cream
and chocalte covered raisins.

Renee & Michel had the main course.
Jeff & Kristin had dessert.
Jeff & Kristin gave me a speical plate.
They know how much I hate raccoons,
if you look close on my plate is a raccoon.
Jeff thinks he is so funny.
Way too much chocolate...
My hands and feet were swollen.
As always it was a fun and full night.
Next Iron Chef is at Jeff & Kristins,
main ingredients is
again we got soup & salad.
That will be a fun one to do.