March 16, 2014

Mother-daughter weekend

March 16
What an AWESOME mother-daughter weekend. 
Started out with a 3 hour facial with Beautiful Skin With Kim Chase then we 
went shopping for my mother of the bride dress, (I got the first dress I tried on #itsbeautiful),
 worked on her center pieces for the wedding and ate our way thur the weekend LOL... 
This morning I got to make both my kids breakfast... 
The only thing that was missing was their dad.... Love my family.

My monkey boy Chris and Cookie cat. 

March 8, 2014

Sami's bridal shower..

March 8, 2014
I have looked forward to this day for 24 years when I gave
 birth to my beautiful baby girl.

I posted this on Facebook:
Is it a bad sign that I got this text message from my daughter 
about her wedding invitation? 
I think she forgot her address of where she's lived 90% of her life ...
I'm thinking her dad and I are not invited...#onlygoodformoney  — 
with Samantha WileyTino Carrido and Denny Wiley.

Her maid of honor and a brides maid threw her a bridal shower.
It was the first party each of them had hosted and they did a GREAT job.
Proud of them.

#Bridetobe #beautiful 

Tino's mom Cathy, Sami & Me... 

I had an 8 x 10 photo made, a book, and a blanket. 
All with pictures from when Sami and Tino got together up until 
their engagement pictures. 

She got so many great things. 
I know she loves each and every one of you that were there to help her celebrate.