May 28, 2012

Memoral weekend 2012

Another great weekend with my family.
I just got back from Championship, and Denny had the trailer packed and 
off to wash-away beach (Tokeland, Wa) for a weekend of camping.
The beach is slowly encroaching on the property and
I'm thinking we only have a couple
more times we can go down there.
 We couldn't even get to the beach this time.

Meghan and Wes and the girls went with us and stayed in our trailer. 
(Lily slept in Julie and Joel's trailer)
Ruth & Jim
Jen & Bill
Kathy & Donny
Sue & Gary even came down for Saturday.
Chris also came down for the night.

We all got a great laugh out of Joel and his new trailer getting stuck. 
He didn't think we were funny, 

One of the nice things about camping is it doesn't matter what you look like. LOL 
Love you Bill.

Chris -Is it on?
Yup.... See the flames? 

 Chloe needed a tissue. 

Lily and Bennett got ahold of my camera. 

Lots of great food, drinks and family fun. 
I always love weekends like this. 
Eating, drinking and playing games. 

I brought the Hula Hoops. 
What a blast they were. 
Almost everyone had a turn with them.
And as you will see we did it for hours. 
Along with a lot of drinking.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend. 
Love you all!!!

May 23, 2012

Championship 2012

Who would have ever thought that Naples Florida would have been so much fun. 
Championship is the top 2% of all of Farmers Insurance Agents. 
It is awesome to be able to network with all the top agents and get great new ideas. 

Our trip started out a little tough, in first class... 
WOW, I would love to fly this way every time. 

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, what a beautiful hotel. 
I always have to crack up at myself.
 I'm a neat freak until it comes to traveling, I turn into a slob and love it. 
Every day there was lot's of stuff to do. 
Loved the general session and the workshop. 
Learned lots about 2 of the top Farmers agencies.
Alan Candos & Troy Korsgaden.
We can't wait to get some of their ideas started in our agency. 

Renee and I always love playing dress up. 

Pretty cool that we got our own pool. 
It was kinda like spring break. 
Renee and I liked the beach better.

To get to the beach you had to walk about 1/4 mile, 
they had trams if you didn't want to walk. 

We got a private concert with Kool and the Gang! 
 Amazing performance!!! So much fun!! They've got the moves!
The lead singer sang "Joanna" to me. 
It was awesome!!

Kayaking in the Mangroves.
That was so cool. It was hard work. 
The next day I had lots of bruises because I guess I was rowing wrong.

The last night we got to go to a wildlife refuge. 
It was amazing, 
Of course my favorite part was "Chance" the chimp. 

Every year we say that this was the best Championship, but this one was. 
The hotel, their staff, the networking cafe, all the networking with successful agents and the 
conversations with the executive team rocked. 
Got so much information, can't wait to get some of the idea's into place in our agency. 
Thanks Renee for taking me. I can't wait to see if we can get more of our agency to this next year.

This was our flight home. 
See where we rate now.