November 14, 2012

Inspired Running Members Only Interview

I belong to a running group called "Inspired Running". 
It is based out of Richland where my Aunt Pam lives. 
I got involved with them when Pam did a phone interview several months ago. 
Christy is the coach, and she asked me to be the guest speaker/phone call for November. 
I was honored to do this. 
It was a very emotional call.
 I love telling my story about how I got started with fitness. 

She sent me a list of questions that we would be talking about. 
Below are the questions and how I answered them before the call. 

Christy posted this Wednesday morning. 
  • Tonight at 5:30 p.m. PST I'll be talking with our very own Teri Schmidt-Wiley about her story of becoming a runner.

    Teri started running at 43 as a way to honor her dad and fight a family history of heart disease. Before that, as she says, "She never exercised a day in her life." She'll be sharing her story of how she went from not exercising at all to training for a marathon!


    Age: 46

    What inspired you to start running?
    Well is all started with my dad. He died at the age of 43 of a heart attack. I have always feared the year I turned 43. Well 2009-2010 was the year I turned 43. So I had decided in my mind that I needed to do something to honor him and come to find out it is changing my life.

    July of 2009, Every year the STP (Seattle to Portland -204 mile bicycle ride) goes by my house. Well that year when they were riding thru Chehalis I said I wanted to do it. I told Denny I wanted to do it, I can't remember what he said. Im sure he laughed just like most of the people I said it to did. I texted Renee (my boss and friend) that I wanted to do it. Im sure after laughing.... She texted me back that she would hold me to it.
    I said OK.

      Now what you need to know about me is ... I have NEVER really exercised a day in my life. I also was a smoker for most of my adult life. So for me to say I wanted to ride a bike 204 miles, NO-ONE thought I would last a month of training.

    I did it and it was awesome. After doing the STP 2010, I needed something else to keep me in shape, also needed another challenge. So I decided to start running.

    What was your biggest hesitation/fear when you first started out?
    Thinking that I couldn’t run. I used to get little like panic attacks when it came to pushing myself and doing something new.
    What keeps you running now?
    A big reason I keep running is my Aunt Pam. She started on this journey with me. We push each other to keep going, and when one of us decides to do an event the other one gets on board. We have done lots of things together.

      What's your favorite running memory?
     Getting my family into the sport. Over the last couple of years more and more of my family members have been doing some of the events with Pam and I.

    What's been your biggest challenge and how have you overcome it?

    I would have problems breathing, like I was going to hyperventilate. I got over it by just doing whatever I was doing at the time, and remembering it isn’t how fast I do it just that I’m out here doing it.

    What's your favorite motivation trick?
    My body and the way I feel and look. I also write a blog, and I’m always thinking of what I’m going to post next.
    Time is cited as the #1 obstacle for starting to run, how do you create the time to run? I get up really early.
     People always make fun of me for going to bed so early, until I tell them I get up at 4am every morning.
    Do you listen to music?
    If so, what's your favorite running song? Yes I listen to music; I have a wide range of songs that I listen to, country, pop and some rock. All of it up beat so I can run to the tempo.
    Do you use an app, programs or other resources to keep you going?
    The girls in my office one year got me a Nike running watch. I love it. I can upload it onto my computer after each run. I helps me with my pace, shows me how far I have run and even tells me how many calories I have burned.
    I have signed up for a Chi running class and also the 24 week training to do a full marathon.

     What's the first piece of advice you'd give to a beginning runner?
       I just can stress enough on “it’s not how fast you do it just that you are out there doing something for yourself.
    What else do you want to share with the community?
    Remember every step you take is an adventure.
    Enjoy everything you do, and always try and have a positive attitude.

    Below if a link to listen to my call. 
    It is about 48 mins.
    I hope my story inspires you to get off the couch and do something. 

November 5, 2012

Day 1 of Marathon training

OK It's official, November 5th was the first day of training for my FULL marathon. 
It just so happened that it fell on the same day Pam had arranged for a Chi running coach to come 
down and give us a private lesson in Chi running for the day. 
We did it at Julie's house. It was Julie, Jania, Emily, Pam and I. 
Beth was our teacher. 
WOW is all I have to say about the class. 
She taped each of us before showing us any of the techniques.

This is the way we should be running. 

Here is my video 
Before and After

Here is what Beth suggested.
A few things to think about:
Lean:  play with it.  Your lean in round two, when you head back is excellent.  You lean in fabulously, and then you sorta keep going with your head and shoulders and pull yourself back a bit.  (see that?)  Play with your lean.  First gear has hardly any lean - just enough to feel gravity.  Know that gear.  Then lean a bit more into second gear.  Imagine as if you have something wrapped around your hips and it's pulling you forward (rather than leaning from your head).  Play with this.  Lean too much and know what that feels like.  Lean not enough and know what that feels like.  Find that place where it feels effortless.

Long spine:  If you lean and break your posture, your back will hurt.  Be mindful of that.  Think about that long spine.  Imagine a string pulling you up - especially as you get tired.  Think get tall and fall baby!!!

Keep that cadence quick and that foot strike directly beneath you.  Hit that mid-foot every time!

Other reminders from class:

Posture:  remember, that the more that you practice posture while you're not running, the better and easier it will be while you are running.  Notice how you are standing, and sitting, throughout the day!
Align those feet.  Find the sweet spot (both left to right, and front to back).  Unlock those knees,and lengthen that spine.
Level your pelvis, and engage your core - and lastly, tilt that statue.  Sit up in that chair.

Be aware of any tension in your body, and release it.  The more that you can relax into the run, the easier (and better!) it becomes.
It's a lot to think about - but simply choose one thing every run or every mile, and work on that.

The more you can recognize when you're doing it "wrong" or if something feels out of whack - the closer you are to getting it "right".  Always question when something doesn't feel good in your body.
Questions?  Let me know.  I'm happy to help at any time.
Good luck with the marathon training!!
Lean into it, 

Beth Cline | | Agent of Change

This was awesome. so glad I took this class I really feel that it helped me tons. 
 I don't know if you noticed, I need to not wear a hat.
Thanks Beth for coming down and teaching all of us, yes you got a workout with us. LOL 
Pam thank you for organizing all of this, and Julie thanks for letting us use you house. 
This day ROCKED!!!! 

November 4, 2012

Sewing Weekend 2012

Another sewing weekend in the books. 
This is the 3rd year that some of my family member's,
 well the girls, get together the first weekend of November to sew. 
Ruth hosts it at her house. 
Jim's man cave gets turned into a sweat shop/ day care. 
(Here is the sewing part.) 

Pam has the coolest machine.
It's like you "set it and forget it" LOL 
Ruth loved it.
Ruth is embroider numbers and picture on blind wine tasting bags.

 I got the award for most creative. 
I took a sarong and make it into a swim suit cover-up. 
With Pam and Ruth's help of course. 

Here is the daycare part.
10 little cousins all five or under.
I love watching all the mom's trying to get their kids to sit still for this picture.
You have to watch this video. 

Thanks Ruth for hosting this again this year. 
It was an awesome weekend.