June 30, 2011

Pod-Tea Time

 I belong to a United Way lady's group.
It all started with the "Power of the Purse"
You pick the group you want to be in.
Each group is called a "Pod", and each pod does something different.
  This pod is just a laid back group.
We just get together to chat and enjoy each other's company and
 get to know each other better.
We have gotten together a couple of time.
We've done a
Dinner night , Movie night, Cocktail night.
This get together was a "High-Tea"
My mom and Alice Zaikowiski  went with me.
It was so much fun dressing up and wearing the big hats.
This is my Kentucky Debry hat from last year.

The food and company was great.
Chantel and Renee did a great job with this.
I do have to admit I didn't have tea, I had wine.
I know this is a shocker LOL
I can't wait until next time.
Thanks ladies.

June 27, 2011

Back to Back - NOT

This is the girls first back to back.
Which means we did 38 miles Saturday and 38 Sunday.
On the way back from getting the girls on Saturday we ran into the people painting the 
Dan Henry's.
They are white circles painted on the roads with a short line attached to indicate the direction of the upcoming turn (or continue straight).
The Cascade Bicycle Club uses pink.

Dan Henrys         OKHT Dan Henrys

I had to laugh the girls usually just have to get on their bikes and ride,
Uncle Denny and I usually have everything ready.
This time we decided to ride earlier then I thought so
I just went and got them and we each got our own stuff ready.
We keep everything at our house and in the basement.
It was funny watching them bring their bikes upstairs.
Courtney got half way up the stairs and got stuck
Of course I came to help her but you know me (photo opt) LOL
We got our STP packet's this week and so we had to wear our jackets.
What a beautiful morning for a ride.
Saturday we did the Winlock ride again.
Courtney hadn't done this one before.
Doing the Napavine hill again.
Courtney loves this hill NOT.
We go really slow up this one.
Time for a short break.
Not sure what this next picture is.
I just thought it was cool looking.
I wear a whistle around my neck to use if I have to chase off dogs,
well today I really had to use it.
This big ass black dog came after us. I'm so glad I stopped smoking a long time ago or
I wouldn't have been able to blow that much.
I'm checking into a dog whistle to see if that would work better,
 I also have mace that Denny got me. I guess I better start carrying that.

We got to Winlock and it was 
 Winlock Egg Day Festival 2011
Kinda not sure what that is. LOL
But they were having a parade and booths and all kinds of celebrating.
We got out of there fast.
Off to the Shell station for a soy burger and corn dog @ 9:15 in the morning.

As soon as we got done eating, back on the road.
But Courtney found a friend on her tire.
Mr Slug Man.
We had to stop and Courtney had to get the rock and slug guts out of her tire.
Then I think for the next 10 miles Brooke did nothing but sneeze.
Or course we had to stop so she could blow her nose.
Nope sorry no pictures of that.
Ya surprising LOL
Cool to see helicopters overhead.
Looks like I have a hump back.
It is air in my jacket.
Denny got in the back of his truck and got us coming down the street to our house.
I think Courtney is DONE for the day.
Ready for day Two....
We were going to ride Sunday after my Farmers event but the girls didn't want to.
They are going to regret not ridng that much when they have to do
back to back 50's in less then two weeks.