December 18, 2011

Nut Cracker/Santa & Mrs. Claus weekend

I'm so lucky to have had another awesome weekend.
It started out with
Brooke, Courtney, Denny and I going to the Nut Cracker.
(Karina, thanks for giving us your 2 tickets you won)
Before the show we went for pizza and then drove thru Borst Park,
where there was a light show.
My Optimist Club did a Christmas card.
It was nice to see the community come together and doing something like this.
Off to the show.
I got us great seat's.
Front row, center stage.
Denny had never been.
He liked it but I'm thinking it was his first and last time seeing it.
Of course at intermission we had to get a big cookie.
Then after the show I got some good shot's of the cast.
So cute.

Then Saturday Denny and I got in our fastest 4 mile run so far.
We are training for a 1/2 marathon in Richland the end of February.
And Courtney came over and helped me get my goodie
 boxes ready to go into the mail.
Violet came over later.
We watched Santa Claus 2 and the girls ate my peppermint ice cream.
Yea, Courtney hates me and my camera.

The girls were our photographers for mine and Denny's dress up day. 
We got asked to play Santa and Mrs. Claus for the Best Western Hotel.
It was for their employee's and family's.
I'm surprised that Denny didn't kill me for getting us into this.
What a trooper he was.
He did a awesome job.
His "Ho Ho Ho's" and "what do you want for Christmas"
 sounded just like the real Santa.
Our little elves.
Courtney helped me make my eyebrows white.
Poor Santa his beard and mustache kept coming down.
Ashley got it to stay up.
Cristi & Ashley did a great job putting this event together. 
They had candy canes and goodie bags for each child.
We got to invite people.
So the little ones in town from our family came and saw us.
They didn't figure out that it was us.
My mom & Bruce
Chris even came over and sat on Santa's lap.
Kim and Jake.
Jake took 4 looks at me and he figured it out.
It was really funny when he did.
Before that he didn't want to go and sit on Santa's lap.
I think he was a little scared.
Jake & Courtney.
Some kids liked Santa and some kids didn't.
Reece & Cash.
Reece kept looking at me like he knew who I was but never said anything.
Bennett didn't know what to think about Santa.
He was saying "NO mommy NO"
Baby sister Anna got to kinda sit on Santa's lap.
Then Bennett let mom stand by Santa.
And let Mrs. Claus (aka-Santa's girl friend according to Julie)
help him with his candy cane.LOL
Santa you are doing great.
There was a total of about 30 kids to sit on Santa's lap.
Yesenia brought the boys (twins) and baby Savannah.
It was so cute each one of the boys gave Santa their letter.
This was one of the hardest days,
I couldn't talk when kids I knew were in the room so they
 didn't figure out who I was.
Damn that's hard to do. LOL
I also have to say I'm not to sure about this dress.
I think it's the first time in yearsssss
that I dont have any cleavage showing. LOL
I got to sit down for a couple minutes.
My feet hurt by the time we were done.
This was alot of fun to do.
We are up for doing this again next year.
And it sounds like I might get to be the Easter Bunny. LOL
Love you babe.
Thanks for doing this, another crazy thing with me.
P.S. I've been a very good girl this year.