August 17, 2011

My neice Reagan's first triathlon...

Reagan Nicole Wiley
age 9
she did her first triathlon on Aug 13, 2011
50 yard swim, 2 mile bike ride and 500 yard run
Below are the words of her parents.

 She competed with the 6-8 group because of being a little scared
of the swim with the 9-12 group being 3x as long.
She was the 4th best female time in that group.
We are very proud of her finishing.
She said the run was the toughest part.
The swim ended up being in water that was lower than her waist and
she was more pulling through the sand with her hands and kicking.
I think she would have been fine in the longer swim.
She'll do great next year after trying it out this year.
Jenna is now pumped to do it next year as well. :):)
Female Participants
1. Rudy Benton    20:36
2. Caia Niemeyer    20:43
3. Zoe Schimpf    20:49
4. Reagan Wiley    20:49
5. Helene Worthington    20:59

Cheering on the older kids.
Time to get wet and loosen up.
2 miles away from the course.
She worked so hard. I am very proud.
My words...
What a great family..
Love them so much and miss them tons..
Mike, Susan, Reagan & Jenna