September 18, 2011

Cooks Hill Run / Go Girl Weekend...

OK, once again a busy weekend behind us.
Started out at 6:30 am Saturday morning for the
Cooks Hill Challenge that our agency along with Centralia Rotary put on.
A 5K walk/run and a 10 mile run.
(which Renee, Brooke & I did last year)
It rained almost the whole time.
I was really glad I wasn't running this year.
After the run Renee, Denny, and I manned our Farmers booth.
Not sure yet how much money we raised for the
March of Dimes and & Eradication of Global Polio.

Up again and out of town by 6:30 Sunday morning for the
Go Girl in Tacoma.
We did the 10K.
We thought we were going to get totally wet,
but it only sprinkled a couple of times.
Katie, Sami, Pam, Meghan, and I.
(this was Meghan's first event like this)
Sami and 3 of her friends.
Off and running.
There were a lot of women running.
Some men did it but they had to wear pink. LOL
Of course right off the bat Katie, Sami and Meghan were gone.
With Pam right behind then.
We ran 2 miles out and there was a turn around.
We all had on our Capital City 1/2 Marathon shirts  so we could spot each other easily.
I saw Katie, then Pam and  Sami but no Meghan.
A coupe of minutes later I saw Meghan next to a pole getting sick.
She said she wasn't ready for this race but I didn't think she was that not ready.
When I got to where I saw she before I turned around she was gone.
So I just kept running.
After awhile I saw her up ahead of me.
She looked back and saw me.
I told her we would just take it easy and walk and run when she could.
But we would finish together.
She was thinking it was some medicine she took in the morning that
didn't settle on her tummy too well.  

Pam so lied when she said the course was flat.
I told her she is a teacher she should be able to read a map and see what the elevation is. LOL
There were lots of hills.

Katie was the first to cross the finish line.
Pam next.
Then Sami.
Then finally Meghan & I.
Meghan with all the goodies we all got.
Of course we had to stay for the awards ceremony.
Yes, once again it was Pam that got one.
But the first category they called was for 1 to 13 year old.
They called out
"Teri Wiley from Chehalis Washington."
We all looked at each other and cracked up.
Someone must have put me in as a 4 year old not a 44 year old.
No, I didn't go get the awards.
Too funny...

We had to wait for them to get to Pam's category.
She took 2nd place.
Then they inform her that the 1st place woman only beat Pam by 1 second.
That was a bummer.
But great job Pam.
You ROCK!!!
After the ceremony, Denny and Sami walked up to get the truck and
 Pam, Meghan, Katie and I rode the shuttle back to the start line.
No it wasn't the short bus. LOL
We were the last 4 to get on this bus, we had to stand up.
Denny again was our pit crew/knight in shining armor.
We went to celebrate with beer, wine & appetizer's.
Sami's roommate Jessica joined us.

Had a great time.
Glad I didn't push myself with me being sick, since
I have not been able to work out or run..
Now I can get training for the
Leavenworth Oktoberfest 1/2 Marathon on October 15th.
Thanks Sami, Pam, Katie & Meghan for a great run,
and Denny for again taking care of all us women.
Love you all!!!!