June 16, 2012

A night with Mr. B.

What a fun Friday night we had. 
Julie and Joel had a graduation to go to and they lost their babysitter
 at the last minute, 
so Uncle Denny and Aunt T got to come and play with Bennett all night.
Julie came down and got me so we didn't have two cars at their house. 
I did a little video for Bennett. 
Julie said he was trying to tell me (the video) what kind of pizza they got. 

Denny had a last appointment so Mr B and I had a couple hours alone. 
He is so cute. I just love that kid. 
We got a couple of bike rides in and played on the tractor, played a ball game and tried
to do the bubbles, but he spilled them and I tried to make more with
dish soap but it didn't work. 
We called Unlce Denny and asked him to bring us some more bubbles. 

The first ride we couldn't find his helmet. I said "Bennett do you have a helmet?" 
He said "No, I don't need one" 
I said "I know your mom would have one for you"
we just couldn't find it then. 

He wasn't paying attention and ended up in the bushes. 
He looks at me and said "pick it up" 
I told him "it's your bike you pick it up" LOL 

Then we went back to the house and found some sidewalk chalk. 

More tractor fun and had to jump on the flat bed trailer. 

Back on the bikes, this time with the helmet. 
We were in search of tractors and back hoes.

We were both getting hungry so back to the house to cook the pizza. 
Bennett looked cute in my shoes. 

I asked him if he needed to go pottie and he said "no, my wiener is locked" 
OMG where do kids come up with things like that. 
Too funny. 
We did get a little "google+" time with my mom Linda. 
Bennett was telling her all about the tractor. 

With a mouth full of pizza he's asking Uncle Denny if he is going to take 
him on a ride on the "Green Tractor" 
Too cute. 

Back on the bikes to go find Uncle Denny. 
YAAAAA he's here. 
Now the real fun begins.

Hurry up, let's go on the tractor. 

Got bubbles. 

I even got a ride.

Bubble time. 

When we were playing in the back yard a couple of big jet plane's kept flying by. 
They were really loud. 
I got some it on video. This video is about 12 mins long but worth watching. 
He is just too stinking cute. 

This video is our bike ride with Uncle Denny.

Back to the tractor..

Off to the bath. 

Now snuggle time on the couch. 
We were going to "google+" Grandma Ruth but my phone died and 
she was waiting for me to text her and I couldn't. 
So next time we will make sure we see her. 
We couldn't figure out how to turn the dvd player on so we had to watch
 "Undercover Boss" 
It was all about "Mac" trucks, so we were good to go with Bennett. 
He loved it. 

Hurley even got in on some snuggle time. 

He's got a mouth full of water and I made him start to laugh. 

When Julie and Joel came home Mr. B was already in bed fast asleep. 
I think we wore him out. I know he did me, I had fallen asleep on the 
couch before Bennett. LOL 
I did get a couple of minutes of snuggle time with little Miss  Anna. 
She is so sweet. Love her.

This is her at 4 months. 

Julie and Joel thank you so much for asking us to babysit, 
we had an AWESOME night. 
Can't wait to do it again. 
Love all of you!!!!!