November 23, 2013

Make Over Day...

 As you can see in my teenage years I over plucked my eye brows. 
In the 80's thin was in. 
Well now it's not. 
I plucked so much that they never grew back.
(I'm either brave or crazy for posting pictures of me with no make-up on...) 
(No make-up)

(My normal make-up)

I have always loved the way Karina's eye brows look.
She has 5 daughters and does their eyebrows and make-up all the time.

I asked her to help me out with giving me eyebrows, 
it turned into a total make over. 
Karina and Jessie are the ones that got me to change my hair so
 I knew she would do an awesome job on my make-up. 

I was so excited for this day. 
Karina and I went shopping Friday night to get everything I would
need for my new way of doing my make-up. 
A lot of the stuff on the tables we didn't use. 

Here we go, I'm right out of the shower. 

Ya I know the hair looks great... LOL 


I LOVE it!!!! 
Hopefully I can do this myself every day.  

Thank you so much Karina. 
I love me new look and love you!!!!