December 21, 2013

Love Halloween.... It's my 47th Birthday ....

October 31, 2013
Talk about feeling spoiled. 
All the girls in the office, Denny & Pete all helped me celebrate. 
The girls are always really good about getting dressed up, 
they all know how much I love this day. 
Not just because it's my birthday but the dressing up part. 
It was a monkey theme. 
Sami even sent me a stuffed monkey to the office. 

I always make sure I work in both office on this day. 
Each office had a little party for me. 
LOVE them!!! 

Renee was out of town that day, so we made these for her. LOL 
She was MIA 

I also the next morning had some special trick or treaters at the office... 
My cousin Julie and her kids 
Bennett, Annie & Mabry.
This was their costumes the night before. 

I had a wonderful birthday. 
Thanks to everyone that sent cards and helped me celebrate.
Love you all...