June 27, 2014

Day of pampering for Sami....

June 27, 2014
So it was time for my baby to get pampered for the day a week before her wedding. 
This picture below is one of my TBT's. 
I can't believe how fast she has grown up. 
She is going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride. 

Sami's dream hair is "mermaid hair"
So off to my hair stylist Michelle Wheat.
She got us hooked up with some extensions to make my baby's dream hair come true.  

Great job Michelle

Then off to the dentist to get a fitting for her retainer.

Then the treat of the day for both of us. 
A 30 minute sauna and then a 90 tandem facial with Kim Chase. 

Katie came over on Saturday and did practice hair. 
Katie is doing her hair on the big day. 

Katie you Rock!!! 
This is exactly the wedding hair that she wanted. 

My baby is SO beautiful....
Love you sweetie..