November 23, 2014

It's finally here....

July 5, 2014
I can't believe today is the day that my baby girl gets married. 
Getting ready was so much fun and so emotional.
Sami made sure to get special pictures of her and I.
Love her so much.
I'm just going to let the pictures tell most of the story.
Thank you Katie and Meghan for doing everyone's hair.
Thanks to Firefly Blu for all the pictures.

Renee made this for me. So sweet. 

This was the makeup reveal to me. 
I hadn't seen her up to this point. 

Of course she looked beautiful and I started crying.

Daddy seeing his beautiful daughter for the first time.

Sami got Mike, Dad and I each a special  handkerchief.
She also got me a jerwey box and necklace.

Right before the ceremony Sami and I got to have a few minutes 
alone for Mother-Daughter time. 

Now she's ready... LOL 

Here we go... 
My best friend is just about to walk our daughter down the aisle to her best friend.