October 2, 2010

Apple Harvest 8K run

Had a great run this morning. Started out at the smoke stack in Onalaska

Our friend Charlie plays Uncle Sam in the Parade.

 He has really shaky hands so that's why the picture is blurrier.

The route was really nice. They did a great job of making sure all the runners were safe on the roads.
 As you can see by the picture below.
NO they weren't there to put me in the back. LOL

I'm slowly picking up speed. I shaved 3 mins off each mile today.
I was really proud of Denny and I, there was 2 girls that started out behind us then they cheated and didn't run about 2 miles of it. We were almost to the finish and they were ahead of us. I told Denny they aren't going to beat me. So I kicked it into higher gear
 (ya like I have one) and we did beat them.
Even tho we got lost LOL 
So we did alittle more then 5 miles

Denny got 1st place for his age group and I got 2nd.
Yaaa for us...
shhh-- Denny was the only one in his age group and there were only two in mine.
But I dont care...
We got ribbons.

And Denny won a Stihl hat and I got a gift card to Kelly's Gold St. Diner
We would do this run again next year.