October 31, 2010

Awesome Day...

Halloween 2010 & my 44th Birthday
I finished my first 1/2 Marathon
Denny, Emily,Pam & I all ran it.

This is us the night before, picking up our packets. 

These are the shirts we got with our registration

Us girls taking off our shirts to show other shirts.
Denny looks scared doesnt' he..

I made these shirts and hats for each of us.

I started out and ran 13.26 miles.
 5.26 mile alone then Denny joined me and ran 8 miles.
 Pam and Emily then joined and ran the last 4 miles with us.

The run was beautiful but the wind about killed me.
For most of the time I could see my shadow and my ponytail was stIcking straight out.
My first pit stop

This is where Denny started running.

Denny getting my timer started again.

Love this picture

Emily & Pam waiting for us so they can start running
This was Emily's first time doing an event like this.

I'm waiting for the restroom and Denny is helping me stretch out my legs..
Paul thought he was really funny taking this pictures.
(Yes looks kinda dirty) but it's not LOL

And off they all go.

 Pam & Emily

Denny & I

Getting close to the finish line 

The finish of my 1/2 Marathon

I loved this run but my body was very tired. I was toast for the rest of the day.
And bike brain happens with running also.

                                                         Paul & Paige

This is the cake that Pam made for me.
(that is a dinner plate size)

I just want to thank Denny, Pam & Emily for joining me in this goal.
And Paul for driving us and taking all the pictures.
Chris for keeping Paul company while we all ran.
Also thanks for everyone for spending Halloween with me.

                                 I just gotta say I hope I still look like this next year.
                                                        Not bad for 44
                                             What a great birthday I had.