December 31, 2010

What a year 2010

I can't believe what an awesome year 2010 was for me and my family.
My life has made a 360% turn.
And it looks like I will keep spinning, enjoying every minute.

Oh course it all started out with me training for the STP. A 204 mile bike ride from
Seattle to Portland.
And as you know I got several other family members and friends to do with me with.
This allowed me to get closer to part of my family.

I can't describe how I feel inside knowing that I created a huge goal for myself and  completed it.
And just keep setting goals and finishing them.

I can't believe this year I did several 100 mile ride's, then back to back 100's,  ran a 10K run,
 a couple of 5K's and a
1/2 Marathon on my 44th b-day.  
I did a lot of traveling,
 Richland WA several time's,
 Boise ID,
San Deigo CA,
 camping in Hood River OR,
and camping several other places in WA.
Our family went to Northwest Trek for Fathers Day.

Then all the volunteer work that we did.
Had a wonderful time doing each one of them.
The polar express will now be a yearly family tradition.

Looks like we are adding more ppl to the 2011 STP.
More family members.
I think I'm a bad influence. LOL

So glad that my family is all safe and healthy.
Lots of new babies added to the family and more on the way.
I want to thank everyone who has supported me in all of this.

Most of all my husband.
Denny, I could not have done all of this without you and you telling me
"yes you can do it"
 whenever I thought I couldn't.
And joining me in some of my rides and runs.
I can't wait to see what comes next for us.

Love you tons.

For me 2010 totally ROCKED...