March 16, 2011

Couldn't ask for a bigger compliment ....

            This is my daughter's English paper --

                                                        My Mother…
       My mother is such a wonderful and inspiring person. She had a difficult time as a teenager because her father passed away when she was only 18 years old. He died of a massive heart attack at the age of 43.
      My mother married my father at the age of 19, he was 20. They moved from The Dalles, OR to Chehalis, WA the very next day. Shortly after getting married, my mom gave birth to my brother, Chris. I came along just under two years later. During this time my mother worked as a waitress at a restaurant called Kit Carson’s Restaurant & Sports Lounge. She worked at Kit’s for about eight years until she decided she wanted something more in her life.
     She searched all over town for a job that seemed fun and more professional. She began to clean houses for a few people that we know. Since my mother is practically OCD when it comes to cleaning, she thought this was perfect. She started her own cleaning business called TJ’s Cleaning. She had a wide range of clients throughout Chehalis and Centralia, WA. She had the company for five years before she wanted something new.
     She searched the news paper for something that caught her eye and came across an ad for a customer service representative for Corwin-Rey Farmers Insurance. After working as a customer service representative for about two years, she started taking a class to become a licensed insurance agent. She worked night and day reading for the state licensing test. I am so proud of her. In 2009 she became the office manager of both the Corwin-Rey offices.
     In 2009 she also decided to dedicate her free time to fitness. Since her father pasted from a heart attack, she had her mind set to be as healthy as possible and hopefully make it passed her 43rd birthday. To do this, she set herself the goal of riding in the STP. The STP is a two day, 206 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland that happens every year in July. It took her months of riding her bike all over Washington. She first began riding inside the house on a bike stand and eventually ventured outside. Forty-five days before the race, my mother road the “Flying Wheels” in Seattle, a 70 mile ride.
     When the day finally came for the STP, my mom was very nervous. The first day was 106 miles. Day one took my mom 7-8 hours to ride starting at 7 am. Riders go directly past my parent’s house to the park down the street to camp for the night. This was lucky because my mom got to sleep in her own bed after 106 miles. Day two was the home stretch. The last 100 miles was harder for her than the first since it was so close to the first 100 miles, but it was totally worth it. As she got close to the finish line, which was located in the park next to the Portland mall, she could not stop crying. She was so happy that she had reached her goal and that she had so much support waiting for her when she got done. Everyone was so proud of her for even wanting to do the STP let alone for finishing it. Her total time was 17 hours.
This was the first of many things my mother has pushed herself into doing.
     Since the STP she has done a half marathon, convinced my cousins to run 10 miles uphill in one day, and a marathon/marathon relay race.
     My mother is such an inspiration. She refuses to let anything get in the way of her goals and encourages others to do the same. I wish I had the conviction she does to live everyday to the fullest. She truly is my one and only hero and I love her so much.

                                                        Samantha Wiley   

I love my daughter so much and I can't tell you how
 I'm of her and feel so blessed to have gotten her as my daughter.
I Love you Sami...

                My niece Brooke's English class  
                        (she wrote this several months ago)  
             AUNT TERI

I am also proud of my Aunt Teri or “Aunt T” as we call her. She is the one person who has inspired me to work out and eat healthier. As a 43 year old woman she has completed a half marathon, the STP bike ride, a 6 mile run, a 10 mile run, along with many other challenges all in two years time. She showed me what it meant to have dedication. I remember when my aunt, my uncle and I ran our first 6 miles. After the 3 mile mark we had to turn around and run back to the starting line (which would then be the ending point). And of course, since I am much younger than my aunt and uncle, I was ahead of them by at least 20 minutes. However, on my way back I passed them and it made me feel really proud because they weren’t that far behind me and they had the dedication to keep pushing themselves to run more. I first actually started becoming proud of my aunt after she finished the STP last July. I realized how great she actually is. Her life seems pretty flawless and she worked for everything in it.
 I’m glad I have her as an aunt.
Brooke Lutman

Brooke I love you...
You are turning into a beautiful young woman.
I'm proud to have you as my niece.
Love ya Aunt T