March 3, 2011

Vegas Girls 2011

Feb 18 - 21
that's sums this trip up
Karina, Kim, Yesenia, Renee, Heidi & I
all went to Las Vegas.
It was a payoff for reaching our goals for 2010,
Renee treated us all to a wonderful and amazing trip.
There are no words to say how much all us girls enjoyed it.

We stayed in Portland the night before at the Best Western.
We had a early Saturday morning flight.

I had made shirts for each of us to wear on the flight
 down and we all
 wore our hats from our girls beach weekend.
We split up into teams
Renee, Karina & Heidi -- Purple Team
Me, Yesenia & Kim -- Green Team
We each had matching beads


Bambi our other co-worker couldn't come with us so we brought her in spirit.

We had Bambi on a stick LOL

Karina & Yesenia

Bambi & Kim

Me, Bambi & Heidi
on the way to the airport

Bambi & Renee checking into the airport

Going through security (she got a pat-down)

Karina and Yesenia had never been to Vegas.

 Our driver to the hotel,
Renee and I knew where we were staying but the girls didn't.
Micheal did a great job about not giving away our hotel until the last minute.
He even drove longer then he needed to and pretened to pull into other hotels.
He was great.

Well here we go we stayed at the

Renee and I made the girls stay downstairs while
we took the luggage to the rooms and
got everything ready for them to come up.
The rooms were adjoining and beautiful.

We made gift bags for each of us.
With snacks and hangover stuff.

This is the girls coming into the room for the first time
I think their face's say it all

Of course we had to have a toast with champagne

Then gift bag time

Renee gave us each 50.00 to gamble with and we were going to get a silver dollar for each of us but Renee and I forgot so we all have a rice cracker in our hands.

The rest is just some pictures of our trip.

Going out for dinner

After this some of us went dancing and some of us went and gambled.
We all had a great time.

 The beginning of day 2.

All of girls agreed this is my shirt.

Bambi in Kim's back pocket

I love all the different designs
The fountains at the Bellagio Hotel
None of the girls had really seen them before.
We spent about an hour there,
the fountains go off every 15 mins to music.
Each show is different.

Now off to dinner

Our last night in Vegas,
the girls had never been to see the dueling piano's
Everyone had a wonderful time.

And of course we meet other crazy people like us.

We dedicated the song
"Pretty Woman"
to Renee and what an
awesome boss she is.
Ya I think she enjoyed the dance

I just want to let the girls that I work with...
I couldn't imagine working with a better group of girls.
We all get along so well and enjoy each other.
I love you all tons.
Thanks for everything each of you bring to our office life.
And Renee there are no words that I can say to tell you
how much I appreciate you and
all you have done for all of us but most of all me.
Love you!!!
Thanks for another GREAT vacation.