May 1, 2011

10.74 mile run with the girls...

What a beautiful day for a long run.
Brooke, Counrtey, Voilet and myself just got done with the Cooks Hill Challenge route.
Brooke and I knew how hard it was but we didn't tell Courtney and Voilet.
The 3 girls took turns running and riding the bikes.
I ran/walked the whole thing.

There was a time when the girl that was walking got to far behind us that I sent the other two back for her and they had to ride double on the bike to get caught up with me.


By the time we got to this sign we were 5 miles into the run and the big hill was next. Courtney and Violet didn't know about it. Wait until you see their faces LOL
Ya they were ready to kill me.
At this point they hated Aunt T.
Bummer.... LOL
Look we did it!!!!
They don't look to happy about that do they.
On we go...
Violet gave Brooke a run for her money when it came to running.
She rocked...
We saw all kinds of things today.
Ending point.
These girls did a GREAT job today.
10.74 on my running watch.
Broke in my new running shoes. My feet feel great. Love them.