May 15, 2011

Capital City Half Matathon 2011

WOW what a 1/2 Marathon this was.
Emily, Me, Meghan, Pam & Julie
(Team Jean)
Team Jean is our new family team name in honor of my grandma Jean.
She would have loved to see the family getting healthier.
This was the Saturday afternoon some of us girls picking up our shirts and numbers.
Getting really excited.
I'm really proud of Emily, Pam, Meghan & Julie this was all of their first 1/2 marathon.
This was Julie's first organized event like this.
Julie, Heidi, Kimberly, Pam, Renee, Denny, Me, Yesenia & Emily.
This is all of us that either did the 1/2 marathon or the 5 mile run.
Team Jean & Team Corwin-Rey.
I'm lucky I get to be on both teams.
Now we are all getting really nervous but ready to rock!!!
Look at all the people at the start line just for the 1/2.
There was 1212 people that ran this race.  

                                                   Let's GOOOOOOOOOO
I can't believe how wet we got.
It rained the whole time.

There was one road that we went down that was lined with flags as you can see.
Each one with a soldiers name on it.
It was very cool.
I got a little emotional when I went around a corner and the pass car was passing me,
 the girl in the car said
 "here comes the woman in 1st place for the 26 mile marathon."
 That was awesome.
I'm really proud of Denny for running with me, he hasn't been able to
run for at least 6 weeks.
He hurt his leg.
He said he did fine until mile 9 that's when it took
everything he had to finish.
I lost it at mile 10.5 when Pam called and said that Emily and Julie just crossed the finish line, I knew that Renee would have already finished also. 
The other girls did the 5 miler so I knew they were done. 
So there I was again people waiting for me.
I starting crying. 
Denny's told me not to worry about how long it takes me the fact
 is that I'm out here doing it. 
Again he made me feel better.
Love him.
(Meghan didn't run, she was up all night with a teething baby,
and Pam pulled a muscle or something in her leg on mile 1, so she didn't run the rest.)
Emily finishing
Julie finishing
Julie after with Mr. B
Renee finishing

Those girls kicked butt...
Emily's time was 2:14
Julie's was 2:17
Renee's was 2:18
SO proud of them and totally jealous of how fast they can run.
They were so nice to wait in the rain and cold for Denny and I to finish.
And here we come.
I was so excited to finish.
I did it 21 mins faster then my last half marathon.
My goal was to do it under 3 hours.
I'm really close. I just need to be 9 mins faster.
Next time no bathroom stops LOL
 Glad to say this run is OVER
It was fun but hard and very very wet.
I did make it though the whole with with any blisters.
I did blow out both my socks.

After we went to Julie and Joel's for a BBQ and lots of beer with Team Jean.
Then Denny and I went to Renee's for a drink with the Corwin-Rey Team.

Thanks everyone for running with Denny and I.
I know this is just the beginning of lots more events.
Team Jean is gearing up for our next 1/2 marathon in Leavenworth Marathon in October.