July 24, 2011

Denny's 46th Birthday...

Happy Birthday to my awesome husband Denny..
What a great day.
Started out with Denny, I and the kids going to the lake and going swimming.
Sami wanted to see if she could do a mini triathlon.
I did the swim and biking part with her and Denny did the run with her.
Chris was our photographer.
Daddy's girl.
Look close she is putting the wet suit on backwards.
Also come to find out her swim suit is inside out.
I think her mama dresses her funny.
Daddy helping her get it on right.
Chris needs to eat more. LOL
Teaching her the transition.
Now off on the bikes.
Getting ready to do the run with dad.
Chris and I rode the bikes.
A deer ran across the road and went into the bushes.
Chris went in the bushes trying to get a good picture but couldn't get one,
he comes out and see a snake and jumps and yells
"there's a snake" LOL
The finish line. 
Birthday Boy!!!
Sami did great. 
1/4 swim, 6 mile bike ride & 1.5 mile run. 
You rock sweetie. 
So proud of you.  

Then went home and cooked breakfast.
We were all starving.
And getting ready for the family BBQ this afternoon.
Celebrating Denny and Jake's birthday's.
Thanks everyone who came to help us celebrate.
It was a great day.