July 23, 2011

Practice Swim/Bike/Run

It's official.
Got this conformation card in the mail Friday.
I'm # 1048
Pam got # 1047
Denny and I got up early Saturday morning and went
out to the lake for me to do a practice 1/2 of the tri.
1/8th mile swim.
6 mile bike ride.
1.5 mile run.
It helped with me getting my body acclimated to the water.
I still had a hard time with my breathing.
I think it is all in my head.
Denny reminded to to sing my stupid little song in my head that takes my mind off what I'm trying to do.
The song is
"this is the song that never ends"
The lambchop song.
It is easy to remember and it never ends. LOL

After the swim, I had my stuff set up just as I will next weekend.
It's called the transition.
You start taking the wetsuit off as you are getting out of the water.
Then put your helmet, sunglasses, socks & biking shoes on and off you go.
After the bike ride you come back to the transition area and drop off all your biking stuff.
Change into running shoes and like me grab a baseball hat.
Then off for the run.
I did this all in 1:05 mins.
Next weekend I will double what I did today.
I'm confident that I won't be the last person to finish.
But I have said all along,
"it isn't when you finish, just that you are out there doing it"
Someone always has to finish last.
Getting really nervous but excited....
Off to get beer now.
Just kidding.
Glad I'm finished for the day.
Pam and I are going to Rock this tri....