May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

What a great weekend. It started out with the
 Lewis county historical bike ride on Saturday. 
My Optimist club put this on, and they were really nice
to let me not help so I could ride. 
So glad they had a great turn out. The club raises
money for scholarships for 8 graders. 
We do a student of the year for 3 different school districts.  
Chehalis, Centralia & Adna.
It helps them get their college fund started.

It was also Renee's birthday. 
She and Michel got to my house about 7am. 
Renee and I were riding the 65 miler and Michel the 20 miler. 

It was a beautiful but cold morning to start out with. 
Glad I had my STP jacket on, they are easy to wrap around 
your seat when you take it off. 
Really proud of Michel this was his first ever biking event. 
He did great. Well as far as we know, he cut off from us at 10 miles. 

As normal Renee is always ahead of me, but I was enjoying my audio book. 
Renee told me to listen to a book only when I'm exercising.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" 
I'm sure if you have read it you know why I was enjoying it. 
So I will be biking and running alot.

Awhile after this we decided to not follow the map and 
opt out of going to Centralia and back. 
We found the bike trail in Chehalis and rode that up and down. 
Renee had never ridden it before. 

After that we were riding to my house, Renee was cutting of to ride
 all the way to her house. 
She said "I might ride around so I get 65 miles in" 
I went "well CRAP" I can't let her get in more miles then me. 
So after she turned off to her house we were at 58 miles, 
so I went and rode around until I hit 65 miles. 
What a great ride. 

Saturday night Sami and Tino came down to stay the night. 
Tino had to go back home Sunday morning, he had to work. 
That was really nice of him to drive all the way down here to wish me a
 Happy Mother's Day in person. 
Thanks Tino.

What a lucky mom I am to have the two best kids in the world. 
Chris and Sami, I love you guys more then you will ever know. 
Denny, Thanks for being their dad. 
Love you all!!!!

Denny and the kids took me to the Lucky Eagle Casino for brunch, 
and to play for awhile. 
The slot's weren't to nice to Sami & I,
 so she got me to learn how to play Roulette.
That was really fun,  
After the casino we went to Wes and Meghan's for Lily's 5th birthday party.
Chris couldn't come with us he had to go to work. 
Ya poor Denny had to drive two tipsy girls to Lacey. 

When we got to Wes & Meghan's, Denny got his hands on Anna. 

Sami got Chloe

I think Lily liked the beanbag chair we got her.

Lily had lots of help opening her presents. 

What a pretty cake for a pretty birthday princess. 
Happy Birthday Lily.

Bennett & Chloe helping Wes get the Nerf gun ready to go. 

It was a great Mother's day. 
Thanks to everyone who spent the day with me. 
I was missing my mom and mother in-law. 
Hope they had a good mother's day too.