May 16, 2012

The Winning Kiss

  1. "Mom & Me" Update: We have a winner!
    The editorial staff have selected this photo as the winner of our
    2012 "Mom & Me" Photo Contest!
    Congratulations to Teri Schmidt-Wiley!
    We'll be contacting you through email or Facebook tomorrow to let
    you know how to pick up your prize. 
    Teri has won a Chronicle Tote and a Burger King gift certificate.
     And, we think she says it best:
     "They are never too old to kiss their mom!"

    THANK YOU to all who entered 

    and watch for our "Dad & Me" Photo Contest next month.
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    "Mom & Me" Photo Contest (Mother's Day 2012)
    Entered by Teri Schmidt-Wiley:

    They are never too old to kiss their mom...

    This is so cool..... 
    Here is the email I got from them.
    •                Hello Teri!

      • Congrats on winning our contest!
        We all really loved your photo.
        You're lucky to have such wonderful kids :)

        We have a prize for you here at The Chronicle office.
         I will leave it at the front desk for you to pick up with your name on it.
        Also, do you mind if we run it in our print edition of The Chronicle?
         Sometimes we have room to get it in - not always -
        but I'd like to make sure you're open to that before I turn it in for consideration :)

        THANK YOU again, Congratulations,
         and Happy Mother's Day!

        Brittany Voie, The Chronicle, Web Developer

      • OH I would love that... Thank you so much. Yes I feel blast. My kids are awesome.. Thanks again.