July 29, 2012

3rd Annual Tincher Wine/Family Reunion

June 28 thur July 1

For the 3rd annual T.F.W.W. Pam and Paul opened up their home to the rest of the 
Tincher side of the family. 
Each year there are more and more babies. 
What a fun weekend. 
Denny and I were planning on going over Thursday afternoon. 
I had an appointment in Olympia that morning. 
I turned my phone off and had missed a couple of calls from Denny. 
He finally left a voice-mail, which said 
"hey babe, just wanted to let you know before Jim called you,
 that I'm at the ER with a broken foot. 
When I got ahold of him he said he was unloading a semi 
load of cabinets and a panel broke out the end of its box.
It fell about 4 feet and slammed into his foot.
What a trooper he is, he still wanted to go to Richland for wine weekend. 
I got home and finished loading up the truck and drugged Denny up,
then off to Richland. 
Yes I drove. 

We stayed at my cousin Craig's house.
We first went to Pam and Paul's and unloaded stuff and my biking gear. 
After dinner and visiting with some of the family we went to Craig's. 
Craig and I started chatting on the couch and drinking beer. 
The room we were staying in was right off the living room, 
I could see the bottom of Denny foot as he laid in bed. I thought 
"why is the bottom of his foot dirty" I went in and 
looked at it and found this. 

They didn't do anything at the ER other then giving him crutches, ice pack & drugs. 
Oh wait they did x-ray it and say "yup it's broken in 2 places. 
And told him to go see a foot doctor next week. 

Friday July 7th, Denny did go to the foot doctor and he had to 
re-break his big-toe because it wasn't healing correctly.  
(maybe the ER should have done that to begin with. 
Now he is in this. 

I do have to say, I know I'm a spoiled brat and that Denny treats me like a princess. 
I also know he does ALOT around the house and for me, 
but with him down I didn't realized just how much he does. 
Thank god it is his left foot and he can still drive. 
He is HATING being down.

Well back to the wine weekend. 
Craig and I stayed up way too late chatting and drinking, 
boy did we regret that the next morning.
 I only got 3 hours of sleep. 
Craig for a few more and then also cheated during the day by taking a nap. 

Friday was beautful and some people were already there. 
Wes and I went on a bike ride. 
I told him he had to do Weber Canon which is a 4 mile ride up hill. 
 Craig said this is like Wes's right of passage. 
It's a tough one the first time. 
It was also the first time he had ridden with clip on pedals. 
It is very slow going, you put your bike in low gear and put your head 
down and just pedal. 
It is amazing how slow you can go without falling over. 
Wes did a great job. 

You ROCKED Wes!!!

Pam and Paul have a pool membership so some of us took the little ones swimming. 

Chris and Joel came over Friday afternoon, and Bennett had just gotten a 
new tractor and kept asking for it. 
So YES they brought it. 
Good thing I have a bike rake on my car. 
Too cute. Bennett was so surprised and a little overwhelmed

He wouldn't even nap the next day all worried about his tractor.  

We had the second annual wicket tournament. 
Last year Denny and Dan won. 

Of course with his broken foot, Denny couldn't play. 

My partner was Sue,she and I made it thru the first 2 rounds 
but got knocked out on the 3rd. 

Poor Annie she had to play with her mom. LOL 

It came down to Chris & Bruce versus Pam and Eric. 

Eric & Pam the Wicket winners 2012.
Congrats you two. 

We had to get some hula hooping in. 
My mom even tried it. 
Good job mom.

After all the afternoon fun they had  some wine tasting.
The really hard cord wine tasting judge's were Paul and Ruth, they were out there for hours. 

Sunday morning before everyone left we had a surprise baby shower
 for Emily & Ryan, and Jennifer & Brent, 
(they live in Texas and couldn't be here so we 
surprised grandma Sue and grandpa Dan) 
Jennifer is having a baby girl. 

Emily is having a baby boy.

 Jennifer was on the phone from Texas.
She wrote a poem in the words of her unborn baby.
Sue was trying to read it to everyone.

Pam makes a quilt for each new baby. 
So beautiful. 
They both got lots of great stuff.

After the shower we got in a couple of pictures. I don't have all that 
were taken but here is what I have. 
They turned out pretty good. 

Another Wine & Wicket weekend came to an end. 
I want to give Pam and Paul a very special THANKS for opening up their home for this crazy fun weekend. 
And also to Craig for opening up his home for Denny, Chris and I to stay.
I love being a part of this family, we always have so much fun. 
Looking forward to 2013. 
Love you all.