July 30, 2012

Wahine Triathlon 2012

We did it again, Pam and I did the Tri-It Triathlon. 
We did the Tri-it again because we didn't want to swim another 1/4 mile, 
that is the only difference between the Tri-it and the Sprint. 
Maybe next year.
So, it is a 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride & 5k run.
Last year we did it with my daughter Sami, it was 3 generations.
We missed you Sami.

We brought our trailer and stayed in a great RV park, 
we will totally stay there again next year. 

Here we are picking up our packets.

Pam and I making sure we have all our stuff ready for the next morning.

Jeanie, Kip, and the kids came over for dinner and to visit awhile. 
The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics were on at 7:30 so 
everyone was done and on their way home to watch them. 
(They were strange, we didn't like them!) 

The next morning was show time. 
Pam and Paul were back at our trailer by 6:40. 
We got to the park by 7am. 
Ready or not it's time to rock & roll. 
My nerves were pretty good, Pam on the other hand was getting really nervous. 
Each athlete has to have their # and age put on their leg. 
Then we can go into the transition area and set up our stuff. 

This gal was doing it on a townie, those bike's are really really heavy. 
She ended up not making it thru the swim. 
She had to get a ride from the guy's in the boat's.
(if you do that you are out of the race) 
This gal was doing the Du -it, which is doing the bike and run part only. 
But look close, she has barbie's in a basket on the back of her bike. 
Too funny. 

Wet suited up and ready to get this started. 
I was feeling just a little nervous but not to bad.
I thought Pam was doing fine also. 

We got to this point and I'm feeling awesome
 and even more calm, 
but Pam is going the other way. 
For some reason this same thing happened last year. 

Now Pam's teeth are chattering and she is shaking. 
She was letting her nerves get the best of her. 

Yup that's me out in front as far to the right as possible were other people can just swim around me. 
Girl's were looking at me and saying "how can you be so calm and act like your not nervous?"
I said "I'm doing good because my face isn't going to touch the water." LOL
And there we go. 

 Nope that isn't Pam or I.

Here is Pam coming in. 
She said she thought she was going to drown. 
This was a really bad swim for her, freaked her out.

Now running to her first transition. 

Here I come to the end of the swim. I was looking around trying to find Denny.

Off to my first transition.

Pam is off on the bike ride. 
You have to walk your bike to the mounting point. 
Which is a long way away. 
And it counts as part of your transition time. 

There I go on the bike. 

Pam at the end of the bike ride. 

My end of the bike ride. 

Pam getting her running shoes on. 
Off she goes. 

Off I go on the run. 

Had to get my ipod going with my "fifty shades darker" LOL
Denny must have been bored. J/K.
Jeanie and Kip brought the kids to watch us cross the finish line. 
They came last year also but only had Evie then, 
now they have Jack and another one on the way. 
We are hoping Jeanie with be crossing the finish line with us next year. 

Here comes Pam to the finish line. 

Here are Pam's stats.

EVENT2012 Wahine All Women's Triathlon >
RACETry-It Tri >
OVERALL39th / 81
WOMEN39th / 81 >
WOMEN 60-691st / 2 >
MORE RESULTSPam Scott on Athletepath >

Here I come to the finish line. 

Check out my finishing video Denny took.
(He didn't get it in time to get Pam coming across.)

Here are my stats. 
EVENT2012 Wahine All Women's Triathlon >
RACETry-It Tri >
OVERALL63rd / 81
WOMEN63rd / 81 >
WOMEN 45-493rd / 8 >
MORE RESULTSTeri Wiley on Athletepath >

We both beat our time by about 5 minutes each from last year. 

They had a band playing music and of course we were ready to dance. 
These girls can really shake their groove-thing. 

They then asked for volunteers. 
Well you know it I had to get in on the action. 
I don't think we should give up our day jobs. LOL 

Then it was time for our free message. 
OMG that was awesome. 

Before going back to the trailer we went to Edgefield and got lunch.
Yummy food and drinks.

Then back to the RV park and Pam and I took off to the pool for awhile. 
It was a fun afternoon.

Denny and Paul, Pam and I can't thank you two enough for once again letting your wives 
do the crazy things we do. We couldn't have a better support team. 
Jeanie, Kip & kids, thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your busy day to 
came and watch us cross the finish line. 
We couldn't do this without the awesome family support we have. 
Pam, thank you so much for another great and crazy event that you and I have lived through. 
Love you for doing all this crap with me. 
Next weekend for the Dirty Dash is going to be great, we are getting more of the family involved. 
Can't wait for that blog post.