August 6, 2012

The "Jean Team" takes on the Dirty Dash 2012

August 4, 2012
This by far was the funnest event I have done so far.
Several members of my family all signed up to take on the Dirty Dash in Tacoma.
Denny & I (Kip stood in for Denny)
Pam & Paul
Sami & Tino
Chris & Meghan
Julie & Joel
Katie & Marty
Maddie & Delanie

Our paparazzi/cheerleaders were Denny, Wes & Jim.
Thanks guys for all the support and awesome pictures.

Sami, Pam & Paul went and got all of our packets the day before.

I had been told by several people that I should cut my nails before doing this. 
I did and it was devastating for me. LOL 
I feel like I have old lady hands with stubs now. 
But I was glad at the run that they weren't any longer. 
No I didn't break one. 

Saturday morning we all met at Julie and Joel's. 
All of us had great outfits. 
Pam had ordered enough bandanna's for all of us. 
That way we could find each other when we got all dirty.

Chris & Meghan 
Me & Kip
Sami & Tino
Pam & Paul 

Katie, Marty, Maddie & Delanie
Julie & Joel 
Fu Man Chu. (aka-Joel)

When we got to the parking lot of the race, 
we all got our stuff ready. 
We duct taped our shoes on so when we got stuck in the mud
 our shoes didn't come off. 
And some of us had to calm our nervous a little with a shot of tequila. 
Thanks for bringing that Marty. 

We saw people that had finished the run and they didn't look that dirty. 
Our wave was at 10:20. 
Which as it turns out is the perfect time. 
And YES we got very dirty.
These girls had shirts on the the front said 
"50 shades of dirty" and the back said "laters baby" 
Great idea. 
We decided that we are all going to make outfits next year. 

Look we found the beer garden.

We were told that if we want professional photo's taken on the run we
 need our numbers in the front, 
so Denny was changing all of ours. 

Time to get to the start line. 
So there are so many photo's and they all speak for themselves. 

See the bandannas? 


On the middle part I have to wait for the professionals to post the pictures they took.
The guys couldn't get to this part of the run.

 Having a mother-daughter chat.
But MOM.... you are dirtier then I'm!!!
Meghan, you need to do as I say not as I do.

These 4 went back to finish again with the rest of us. 

Marty's the King of the Hill.

This family went nuts in the mud... 
You can see in a lot of the pictures people taking other people down. 
Yup my kids got me. 

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
Love this family!!!! 
Be sure and check out my cousin Julie's blog. 

Jean Team kicks dirty ass...