November 4, 2012

Sewing Weekend 2012

Another sewing weekend in the books. 
This is the 3rd year that some of my family member's,
 well the girls, get together the first weekend of November to sew. 
Ruth hosts it at her house. 
Jim's man cave gets turned into a sweat shop/ day care. 
(Here is the sewing part.) 

Pam has the coolest machine.
It's like you "set it and forget it" LOL 
Ruth loved it.
Ruth is embroider numbers and picture on blind wine tasting bags.

 I got the award for most creative. 
I took a sarong and make it into a swim suit cover-up. 
With Pam and Ruth's help of course. 

Here is the daycare part.
10 little cousins all five or under.
I love watching all the mom's trying to get their kids to sit still for this picture.
You have to watch this video. 

Thanks Ruth for hosting this again this year. 
It was an awesome weekend.