May 22, 2013

Corwin-Rey Queen turns 50

Holy Crap 
look who just turned 

For months all of us girls have worked on what to do and get Renee
 for her 50th birthday. 
She was gone on a business trip on her
actual birthday May 12, 
so we threw her a surprise party
(slumber party at my house) several weeks before.

We even had a walker waiting outside for her when she got there. 

Of course, we got her all kinds of "old people" stuff,
we also had a blanket made for her 
(we got her 2, one for each office)
 and I did a video.

There were so many pictures for us to choose from at
the end of this blog post.
 I will have all the pictures that we wanted to use,
some of them made the cut, some didn't. 
But all of them have been a big part of the last decade
 that we have all shared with Renee.

We had a bowl full of different things that Renee had to do. 
-Call someone, not tell them who it is and sing a song to them, then hang up.
-Go out on the street and beg for money.
She got a lady to stop and give her all the money she had. 
2 cents. LOL

-Take a shot standing on one foot.
-Cluck like a chicken for 30 seconds.

We got her a pretty old lady nighty and a tiara with "50" on it.
A CD with all the top songs from 1963, 1963 trivia cards, 
and a book of what you didn't know about turning 50. 

-Have a 2 minute conversation with the wall.
(OK, she was talking to a picture of her and Matthew McConaughey.)

Then we made her go outside and hula hoop. 

But the best one was she had to go to a neighbors house and tell them 
"my eggs are too old, do you have an egg I can borrow?" 
We think she scared the people in the first house she knocked on, 
so we walked down the street and knocked on one of our client's door. 

She got her egg. Thank's for playing along Gary. 

We almost had to call the fire department from all the candles.
Well... that would have been a bummer to have a house full of fire fighters. LOL 

What a great night and an AWESOME person to be celebrating her birthday. 
We love you Renee.

Here are some of the pictures that us girls had to pick from for the blanket and video. 
Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did.