January 1, 2014

Amazing Thanksgiving

November 27-29

Feeling blessed. 
This year Denny and I hosted almost 20 family members for Thanksgiving. 
Of course I have to have the house all decorated with festive colors. 

Living Room

Dining Room 

Emily made this centerpiece for me. 
It was beautiful. 
Thanks Emily 

This is my "Thankful Tree" 
Everyone had a tag with their name on it and before dinner wrote 
on the back what they were thankful for. 

Movie Room

I was so excited because Ryan, Emily, their kids, 
Wes, Meghan, and their kids & Chris all came and stayed 2 night's. 
I love having a house full of family. 

Emily made some awesome pies. 

Pam and Paul got into town Wednesday night (they stayed at a hotel). 
Pam and Lily were taking all the school labels off all our soups.

We all stayed up a little late Wednesday night. 
I do believe that I texted Pam and Renee at 12:30 am and the again at 
3:30 am saying we were still going strong and I let Renee know 
I didn't think I would make it to her annual Corwin Turkey Trot. 
It's a 5K walk/run. 
The text I got back from Renee was "Doesn't surprise me" 
Well that's all it took for me to prove her wrong and Pam, Paul and I all walked it. 
I had only had 3 hrs of sleep and I think I was still drunk when I got to the Turkey Trot. 

When we got there they were all warming up with a little boot camp exercises. 
Yes we got into it. Not as much as the young people but we tried. 

After the walk we got back to my house and Wes already had his turkey in the oven. 
He made a great bird last year, so I asked him to cook it again this year. 

Sami came down that morning.
Craig also drove over to celebrate with us. 
And with our family getting bigger with Sami and Tino getting married. 
Denny and I invited Tino's parents and his twin brother. They showed up after going 
and being with their family in the morning.
It was a honor to have Glen, Cathy & Leo join us. 
This is just the beginning of lots of family time and 
holiday's we hope to spend with them. 

I was excited Glen and Cathy brought lumpia. 
Leo cooked them. I'm totally hooked on them. SO GOOD!! 

Nope that's not Tino with Sami, that's Leo. LOL 
I can tell the difference most of the time between the boys, 
but this picture I did have to do a double take. 

All the food was AMAZING!! 
Good job everyone. 

I started to make a speech to thank everyone for coming and of 
course I started crying. LOL 
Denny took over for me. Thanks babe. 

After everyone was done eating I got the "Thankful Tree" and had everyone grab a tag. 
Some people got more then one, because some people that had 
tags on the tree weren't there. 
Like my mom and Bruce and the Lutman's. 

We started with Tino and he read his tags, then one of the people's
 tag that he read had to read the tag they had. 
So everyone had to read someone else's tags. 
I loved hearing what everyone was thankful for. 

What can I say but I feel so lucky to have a wonderful family. 
Love each and everyone one of you. 
Thanks for letting Denny and I host one of 
my favorite Thanksgiving's in a long time.