August 30, 2010

Getting Started

     In Sept I started training. We already had a treadmill and some other exercise equipment. I had borrowed 2 mountain bikes from my aunt Ruth and uncle Jim. I went and bought a bike trainer so I could train inside in the winter time. Pam started training also. She started a google calendar for us. Every day that we worked out (still do) we would put it on the calendar. We watched each other, and for me I would try and beat what she did for the day.

     I stopped smoking on Oct 19th. And I haven't touched one since.

      By Oct 31st (my b-day) I rode my age 43 miles on the trainer. Yes , by this time I had already bought the padded butt. You totally can't ride without that. I tried to ride outside when possible, weather permitting. For the next couple of month's  I tried to work out at least 45 mins a day. I would take at least one day off a week.

     We bought a Wii, so of course I had to get every workout I could that goes with it. I would try and do something different a couple times a week. Renee would come over with her trainer and we would put a movie on in the basement and ride for hours.

      On Feb 6, 2010 I did my first long solo ride from my house to Morton. It is a total of 36 miles but 1/3 of it is up hill. I was so excited. One of the best parts of the ride was going across the Mayfield Lake bridge. At that time there was road construction. So when I got to the bridge traffic was stopped on my side, I rode right past all the cars and asked the flagger guy if I could go across after all the cars went. So I had traffic stopped going both ways on the bridge and got to ride all alone. It was beautiful.

     I then rode to Mossyrock and stopped at the gas station. I called Denny to see if he would come and pick me up. He couldn't believe where I was LOL.... I told him I was going to keep riding until he found me.
I made it 5 mile outside of Morton. Those last couple mile's were totally up hill. Denny pulled into the veiw point and watched me ride up to him. As I got to him he kept backing up, I told him to STOP... because he was my stopping point and if he didn't stop I couldn't.

    I was so excited to get that far.  Then we went home and had to go to my brother-in-law Jason's birthday party. I got there and "bike brain" had really set in.

     "Bike Brain" is kinda like being drunk without the drinking or hangover part. I love it...

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