August 31, 2010

March Mania

                           March was crazy-
         Started out with our first alone trip in charge of our bikes.
We thought we were so cool, because we had a bike rack on the back of her car and we kinda knew how to use it. We got the bikes on and off without losing either of them.


 Renee and I did our first
        60 mile ride around
 Lake Washington in Seattle.
         What a beautiful ride.


This ride was the first of many falls for Renee. I'm so glad I ride behind her so I can first of all make sure she is OK, then get the camera out and yes get picutres.

We had to go to a Farmers function that night, totally enjoying the major Bike Brain..
Us in the bar... then 1 hr later...

The rest of the month did a
30 miler
Two-- 70 miler's
and a 14 mile ride... Yes getting callous on my behind ...