August 31, 2010

Starting of the long rides

     Starting in Feb 2010 I began to go on longer ride's. I did the 36 miles to Morton. Then did a 40 mile ride. At the end of the month Denny and I went to Richland and Pam, Paul, Craig and I did our first 51 miler. And when you let Paul pick the ride it is alot of HILLS...Craig and Paul decided (without me knowing) that they would ride right next to me so I would get used to ppl being right on my butt. Ya I didn't like it - freaked me out . I kept feeling like I was giong to crash. I kept yelling at Craig to get away from me.
     The last 10 miles, part of it was thru and park by the lake. For some reason Pam thought that the whole park for just for her. Ppl were walking on the sideway-- she was weaving around ppl, saying "on your left", then she got to one guy walking his dog and he wasn't moving fast enough for her she starts yelling at him to get out of her way ... turned out he was "blind" LOL. OMG that was sooooo funny. She turns into psycho woman.

     When we got home on Sunday I went out and got another 32 miles in. I opted out of any hills that day.