February 13, 2011

Napavine Hill

Today Brooke, Courtney, Denny and I did 20 .76 miles.
I needed the girls to start really training
 (because they haven't been working out)
so I decided I was going to kick their butts.

They look like "Aunt T don't hurt us" LOL
We were so glad that Denny went with us because of the mechanical problems we had.
Started out with a flat tire on Courtney's bike, then Brooke's chain came off then a piece of Brooke's brakes came off.
Yes I already told the girls that we need to take a class at the
 bike store so we can do all of this,
or we will be in trouble if anything happens when Uncle Denny isn't with us.

We started out on the same route as the STP
starting at my house (which it goes right in front of)
 and rode towards Napavine.  
There is a BIG hill that I wanted the girls to go up.

At the top of the middle tree there is 2 bald eagles.
They were so pretty,
The girls got a kick out of the farm animals,
goats, sheep, horses and the smells of the cows LOL

We got about 6 miles into the ride and came around a corner and there was the hill.

Denny and Brooke went ahead and I stayed with Courtney.
She ROCKED!!! this hill.

She stopped a couple of time but NEVER walked the bike up the hill.
I kept telling her "you can make it, just go to the next sign"

This is Courtney looking back at the big hill she just rode up.

Courtney riding to Denny and Brooke who were waiting for us at the top.
I do have to say that Brooke didn't ride all the way up it she walked part of it.
(She did a big hill later LOL)
Then we did another 12 miles.

We got so lucky that it didn't rain.

A really steep hill we went down.

After we got done with the 20 miles.

 Denny and Courtney stopped at our house and I said Brooke come with me.
 She had her hill to ride up.
I told them both that I didn't care how many times they stopped and started again,
they just couldn't walk their bike up the hills.

You can't really tell but by this picture but it is a steep hill.
She did her's up by the old Chehalis hospital.
She kicked it!!!

Great job today girls and Denny.
Can't wait for your first century (100 miles) ride.
Love ya