November 7, 2011

Ruth's girl cave...

My aunt Ruth had some of us over for the weekend to sew Christmas projects.
We took over my uncle Jim's "man cave" 
It got turned into "Ruth's girl cave" 
Their basement turned into a sweat shop. 
6 sewing machines, pool table turned into a fabric cutting station, 
8 kids under 4 years old. 
And lots of food and lots of beer and wine. 
This is the second year they have done it, I was out of town last year.
It is done the first weekend in November in honor of my grandma Jean.
November 6th is her birthday.
Happy Birthday Grandma... We all miss and love you.

What a wonderful weekend.

 I decided to do a Serendipity Santa for my grand kids that I don't have yet.
(and NO none are on the way) LOL
It is like a Christmas Advent Calendar.
The head comes off and the bags filled with treats go inside.
I didnt' know it was as big of a project as it was.
Pam got me started on it.
She would figure out what needed to be done and tell me what to do.
Julie, Meghan, Katie and I all had projects we were working on.
Mom helped me by sewing all the little bags for my Santa.
Ruth and Pam helped everyone with the projects.

Jeanie just enjoyed being with everyone and both her kids.
Baby Jack.
and Evie.

Paige her daughter helping her out.

Julie and one of her many projects for the weekend.
Julie is mom to
Bennett (aka- Mr. B)
She is also pregnant with her daughter who will make her arrival in February.
Katie has Reece & Cash

And Meghan, She had the most original project for the weekend.
She took an  army uniform of her husband Wes's and turned it into an apron.
She has Lilly & Chloe.

I found  that I really enjoyed creating something from nothing.
Look it's a Santa hat.

Julie is super cute pregnant.

I had to laugh because every part of they project either
Pam or Ruth, whichever was  helping me would say
"this is the hardest part of the whole thing"
I'm thinking this is the last one they help make. LOL

Evie has her old sheepy and new sheep.
She loves this thing.
But old sheepy is so sad.
Looks like Bennett is thinking
"mom are you ever going to be done?"

Wow I forgot how loud a room full of kids can be.

Reece eating cheese.
Look at those blue eyes.

Julie got all the little ones matching jammie's for their annual cousins picture.
It was so funny trying to get all of them to sit still for a couple of minutes.
But totally worth it.
They are so cute.

Chris came by and got attacked by little ones.

Julie with 2 of the 3 of her stockings she did.
They are beautiful.

Meghan with her apron.

I didn't get Katie or Emily's because theirs were too big to finish this weekend.
I didn't finish mine either but this is how far I got.
I can't wait to finish it.

Thank you all so much for helping me with it..
It's going to be awesome to tell my grand kids one day that their
great great aunt's Pam and Ruth and their great grandma Linda helped make it...
I totally love it.
Mom and I are going to go in together and buy a sewing machine.
This is going to be fun.