October 31, 2011

Birthday Card to Me...

WOW look how far you have come.
Holy cow what you have done just in the last year.
On your 44th birthday you ran your first 1/2 Marathon in Richland.
Followed up by 2 more 1/2 Marathons,
rode in the CTP -100 miles on your bike with your nieces,
did a couple 10K's and other runs, 
got in your first white water rafting trip,
you rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.
An awesome trip to Vegas with the girls from work.
 Did your first Triathlon with your aunt and daughter.
Had some amazing evenings and trips with friends and family.
I'm so glad that you are becoming closer to all your cousins.

Who would have thought just 4 years ago you would be out
running, biking and doing all the stuff you are now.
You were the one on the couch smoking and drinking beer and eating oreo's,
saying" those people out doing crazy athletic things are nuts and I would never do that."
Well you are off the couch and stopped smoking,
 but still drinking that beer and eating the oreo's,
"you can't give up everything."
You also had your 25th wedding anniversary.
"WOW... no one thought that would happen. 

You couldn't ask for a better life right now.
You have some of the best friends and awesome family ever.

Well I can't wait to see what you do this year.
Love you ME!