January 1, 2012

Good Bye 2011 --

New Years Eve 2011 was also our Iron Chef night at our house.
The main ingredient was Crab. 
It is always fun to get together with
Toni & Steve
Kristen & Jeff
Renee & Michel
and I also invited my mom and Bruce for our crab dinner.

We also had a great treat for the night.
Our friend Donna Richards lives in Friendship, Maine.
Denny had been talking to her about our Iron Chef crab night
and she flew in fresh lobster and scallops.

Denny and I did this dinner 2 nights in a row.
The first night we had Ruth and Jim over for their 33 anniversary.
It was an honor to spend a special night with them.
Each couple also brings a cocktail.
Of course with it being New years eve all cocktails
were made from champagne.
The appetizer's.
Soup & Salad.
Main dish.
The guys started putting the lobster and scallops with the soup.
Everyone was in heaven.
Everything was so delicious.
One of my goals for 2012 is to put together a cook book of all the
Iron Chef's we have had so far.
Doing the Iron Chef has opened my palate to food I would have never tried.
I try at least a bite of everything.
Can't wait for our next one, the main ingredient is
Chocolate at Renee & Michel's.
Denny and I got soup & salad.

After dinner and everyone went home we went out to Ruth and Jim's to ring in the new year.
Reece is too cute holding the popcorn tin with the polar express on it.
(I want this tin LOL)
Katie looking too cute also.
Loved snuggling with Chloe.
Everyone playing 99.
Love that game.
Reece about 30 mins after midnight.
What a fun night.
2011 was a great year.
Bring on 2012.