January 20, 2012

Snow Storm 2012

Crazy... Crazy... Crazy!!!
We got hit by a big storm that crippled the Pacific Northwest.
The snow started a little bit on Saturday, Sunday & Monday.
Then it hit!!
Tuesday night we went to bed with nothing
 on the ground.
I woke up at 4am to 9 inches of snow.
I had taken my office phone home Tuesday
 and it was a good thing.
For the rest of the week I only got to the office for a couple of hours on
Thursday and the rest of the time I worked from my home office.
When people would call our office number they would get me here.
They had no idea.
Gotta love Internet based phone systems.
Denny is like a little kid in the snow.
I think the total we got was 15 inches.
Most people didn't have power for several days.
Thank god we never lost power.
Denny made me go for a ride with him.
Wow the older I get the more of a chicken I become.
I thought I was going to suck the air out of the
cab of the truck a couple of times when
 he was sliding all over. LOL
I saw this on King 5 news.
I had never seen a upside down snowman.
Way cool.
It was just beautiful.
School was also cancelled the rest of the week.
After  it stopped snowing, we had freezing rain and
 ice weighing down the trees.
There are trees and power lines down everywhere.
We are now going to have to worry about flooding.
Stay tuned.