March 12, 2012

Awesome Ball Day...

I'm  always enjoy doing things with the girls from the office. 
We all got together to do new office pictures and photo's
 for our business cards. 
We thought it would look really cool if we all dressed in black
 with an accent of red. 
Wednesday after work the Longview girls and I went out for a
 drink and then went shopping
 to try and find something red. 
We went to Ross and found some really ugly dresses, 
and did a little fashion show. 
We are so hot!!!!
Heidi, Kimberly, Ashley & I.

All us girls were getting so excited because not only did we all get to get together again, 
but we were getting out pictures taken then going to the
 Dino Doozer Masquerade Ball.

Heidi was the first one to get to the office. 
She gets bored easily and loves to do interpretive dance.
OMG she is so funny sometimes. 
Here is what she did while waiting for us. 
It is short because Ashley got there to keep her company, but SO funny.. 
FYI- She keeps playing this song over and over again, everyday. 
Love her!!!

7 girls getting ready in our Longview office 
gets really messy and crazy. 
It is so funny how these nice and tighty girls can
 become slobs when they get together. 

We had one of my camera's taking pictures of us 
getting our pictures taken. 
Loved the black and red. 

Poor Karina got her heel caught in a crack and fell down. 
She was a trooper and kept going. 
Nurse Ashley was helping her. 

(I will post those pictures later) 

After our photo shoot, we got Karina some big band aid's
 and everybody some pizza and beer. 
Then the crazy girls came out to play. 
 Check out all our masks. 

Heidi did some of her dancing for us. 

Off to the Ball.

What a great idea for a fundraiser.

Our agency sponsored a table.

They had an Austin Powers and Elton John impersonators. 
Loved Elton John and all the dancing, Austin Power's drove me crazy.
 I didn't like the movies when they first came out, 
I still don't like him. LOL 
 (Chris my son was in love with him) 
It was a lot of fun. 

Check out the photographer's website for all the great photo's from the night.

Loved the wine tables. 

To bad this isn't the real Elton John. 
I think there might have been a little drinking going on with this photographer.
Sorry Karina... 
Thanks for taking some pictures. 

It was totally a fun day... 
Thanks girls for another great day together.
Love you all.